Of Mice and Men

The Person Inside...

You could always explain Lennie as a child in a grown ups body. Although Lennie is a grown up, his child like behaviors put him to a disadvantage. Throughout the story, there are a few characters, for example Curley, that take advantage of Lennie. Throughout the story, we learn that although Lennie is a person that is physically very strong, he has a big heart. Lennie rarely goes through any massive changes throughout the story. He's the character that stays the same throughout the whole story, all the way to the end.

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The picture above represents how big of a heart Lennie has

No Clue...

Throughout the story, Lennie is a person who really doesn't understand the meaning of whats going on. Lennie's a character that goes with the flow and listens to everyone, especially George. For example, in the story when George had told Lennie to fight back against Curley, Lennie had and ended up breaking Curley's hand. Throughout the story many people take advantage of Lennie without his having a clue about it.

The picture below shows how throughout the story, everyone can see the physical strength that Lennie has, although they can't see the person he is on the inside.

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The picture below shows how Lennie had hurt Curley

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Be a Leader, Not a Follower...

This theme fits the story perfectly because it shows how if Lennie had listened to himself instead of listening to the other characters in the story like George, many of the events would not have happened. For example, when George had told Lennie to hit back, although Lennie ended up breaking Curley's hand.

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As the story goes on, Lennie still has the same goal in his mind. Lennie will try not to mess anything up to reach his goal. Lennie's main goal through out the story is having the permission to tend the rabbits. Several times throughout the story, George had told Lennie that one day they would have a farm and he could tend the rabbits. The picture above represents how much that goal meant to Lennie and how throughout the whole story, he always wanted to take care of the rabbits.


There were a few rules that Lennie had to follow in order to tend the rabbits. This made sense because of the fact that one quote that Lennie used a lot in the story was, "George is going to give me hell." and, "George won't let me tend the rabbits." Therefore, Lennie will have to follow the rules that George gives him throughout the story. One of those rules are that Lennie should come nowhere near Curley's Wife and to stay away from her.

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The picture about portrays the image of how George has to treat Lennie in the story and how by the end of the story, Lennie disobeys George and talks to Curley's Wife anyways.

Everything Happens for a Reason...

This theme also fits into the story due to the fact that if Lennie had disobeyed any of the rules that George had given him, he would not be able to tend the rabbits. George had told Lennie many times over and over again not to do anything bad and that everything had consequences.

love and caring song

The video above portrays the image of Lennie throughout the story and his relationship with George. Lennie always knew that George would have him by his side whenever he needed George.

Littlest Pet Shop Be Yourself song With Captions Lyrics

The song above explains how throughout the story, Lennie never has his own opinion about anything and is always listening to others