Allison Lee's Poe Flyer

simmilarites of Edgar Allan Poe and the poem Eleonora

Similarities of Poe's realisitc life compared to the poem Eleonora

As Poe grew up, some of you may know him because of this, he had a very tough childhood. Between his own family and the village he lived in, people didn't perceive him as a brilliant author like he himself did.

In the Poem Eleonora the narrator described that people thought of him as mad (crazed) for his actions. Although reasons can prove their thoughts correct, he had reasons himself to be as they call "mad".

After Poe was abandoned by his town and own father he lived with his aunt and cousin Virginia.

The narrator moved in with his aunt and cousin Eleonora that he loved dearly and was taken care of such as Poe himself has also done.

Edgar Allen Poe then married his cousin Virginia despite the relation between them.

The narrator had stated that he also married his cousin Eleonora aware of his relation between the two.

Unfortunately, years after their blessed marriage Poe's wife Virginia passed from a medical problem.

As well as did the narrators wife Eleonora died also.

Throughout Edgar Allen Poe's life his work was never truly valued successful till they day he died, causing him to die lonely depressed from the loss of his love.

The narrator also passed while bearing the loss of his own beloved Eleonora

Edgar Allen Poe's brilliancy

Edgar poured his life and traumatic experiences into his work, the characters portraying him as he grew.