Northwest Ordinance

Why America wouldn't be the same

For The Northwest Ordinance!!!

We are for the Northwest Ordinance because it forbids slavery, this is good because it doesn't effect the South or North. The Northwest Ordinance didn't allow slaves so south wouldn't lose any.

Freedom Of Relgion😊😊😊

The Northwest Ordinance gave us Freedom of Religion, this is good because there is a diverse of different religions in America. This allowed many people to move Northwest without worrying about their religion.

More Land!!!

The Northwest allowed a lot of land for the new settlers, this is amazing because who doesn't like land? Exactly, no one hates it.
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Proposed requirements

● All settlers were granted freedom of worship.

● All settlers were both entitled to trial by jury.

● All settlers were encouraged to establish functional community relations, which included school systems and adequate housing. In addition, settlers were forbidden to do unjust harm onto Native Americans residing in surrounding areas.

● All settlers were to agree to the Articles of Confederation, and like the citizens of the 13 states, they too were exempt from Government-impost taxes.

● All settlers had to agree to the boundaries set forth in the Northwest Ordinance. They were forbidden from expanding past the set parameters.

● Slavery was forbidden in the western territories.