Hitler's Rise to Power

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What is Power?

Power. The definition of power according to Merriam-Webster is "a person or organization that has a lot of control or influence over other people or organizations." I believe this definition fits Adolf Hitler like a glove. World War ll began because of this man having to much power, but how did he get there?

Before Power

Hitler was born in Austria in 1889 and grew up in an anti-Semitic society. The streets of Vienna, in which he walked often, were filled with Jews as well as anti-Semitic pamphlets and articles. Hitler ended up serving in World War l and was very close to circumstances of death. After surviving 4 years in the trenches, Hitler was temporarily blinded by mustard gas. While he was blinded, communist inspired Jews were shaking Germany which inspired Adolfs hatred for Jews. Once recovered, he began giving speeches and rallying up Nazis. The idea of being a Nazi appealed to the lower and middle class, such as small business owners, the unemployed, and the young. In 1923, Adolf Hitler had a rally and wanted to start a revolution. The very next day, Hitler led 2,000 men in attempt to take over the government. He failed to take over during the Beer Hall Putsh and was sentenced to jail for 5 year. Hitler was taken out of jail in 9 months because a Nazi Party forced his release. Once released, he began organizing a party to start a mass movement.


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By the 1932 elections more than 33% of the votes were won by the Nazis. On January 30, 1933. Only months later, Hitler opened up the first concentration camp in Dachau. Jews began being captured all around the work by Nazis and taken to concentration camps that were popping up all over the globe. As Hitler was getting into war, he began building his military backup (violating the Versailles Treaty.) Hitler began sending out surprise attacks ( most commonly known: "lightning war.") And by 1942, Hitler had taken over much of Europe.


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Facts about Hitler

1) Hitler never visited a single concentration camp

2) Hitlers first love was Jewish

3) Hitler led first anti-smoking campaign

4) Hitler was a vegetarian

5) Hitler was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 1939


Power. "A person or organization that has a lot of control or influence over other people or organizations." Hitler's rise to power very much included those two things. He rose to have control over the Nazi's, authority over the whole German country, and influence over the middle and lower class.