The Senior Success Team 2023

May 2023 Newsletter


May 11th-17th Yearbook delivery

May 22nd-25th - BHS Finals

June 2 - Commencement practice 10am *mandatory*

June 3 - Commencement

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Dear Parents/ Guardians of Team 2023 Graduates

The school year has gone by so quickly, but so much is yet to happen. The following is information that you and your student will need to know to complete this school year.

Cap and Gown Pick Up: Cap and Gowns were picked up Thursday May 4th. Students must have a cap and gown to walk in the Graduation Ceremony. Contact Herff Jones at 317-839-1600 if you still need to order something. This year gowns are rentals and must be returned at the conclusion of the Ceremony for students to receive their diploma. Caps and tassels are yours to keep.

Final Exams: Exams begin on May 22nd through May 25th. On May 24th and 25th students will be released at 11 am on both days.

Class of 2023 Graduation walk: Seniors wear their cap and gown to walk through the halls of a Brownsburg elementary school to celebrate the end of their Brownsburg education.

· When: Wednesday, May 24 – Students must arrive at the school at 1:05. The walk will start at 1:15 and will be finished by 1:45.

· Where: Any of the Brownsburg elementary schools, please enter through Door 1 or Door A. Park in lots nearest the front door.

· Why: It’s going to be fun! Elementary students, teachers, and staff want to cheer for you as you finish your Brownsburg education.

Payment of Fees and Fines: Seniors must have all fees and fines paid in full by Thursday May 25th. Students are encouraged to pay outstanding fees in advance. Fines include outstanding book rental fees, media center fines, lunch accounts, and parking tickets. Please contact Cindy Dowell at or (317) 852-2258 ext. 1515 with any questions. Students will also be required to submit a Senior Release Form. Details will be given to students the week of May 22nd.

Commencement Practice: Friday, June 2nd at 10:00 a.m. in the Varsity Fieldhouse. Check in begins at 9:30 a.m. and attendance will be taken. This is a MANDATORY practice and is REQUIRED for students wanting to participate in the Commencement Ceremony. If students do not attend practice, they will not be able to walk across the stage. Also, tickets for “Option C” (see below) will be handed out on this day. If a senior does not get his/her tickets, then family members will not be allowed in the Varsity Fieldhouse if we must move inside due to poor weather.

Option A – 10:00 a.m. outside on the football field – Unlimited Seating (no tickets needed)

· 8:30 – Gates 1, 2, & 4 open for audience entry

· 9:00 – Students arrive for staging in the Varsity Fieldhouse, enter Door 14.

· 9:45 – Processional onto the football field – Odell St. and Tilden Rd. will be closed at this time until 11:30 a.m.

· 10:00 – Start of ceremony

Decision to postpone the ceremony due to inclement weather will be made by 6:30 a.m. Students/parents will only be notified IF the change is necessary.

Option B – 6:00 p.m. outside on the football field – Unlimited seating (no tickets needed)

· 4:30 – Gates 1, 2, & 4 open for audience entry

· 5:00 – Students arrive for staging in the Varsity Fieldhouse, enter Door 14.

· 5:45 – Processional onto the football field – Odell St. and Tilden Rd. will be closed at this time until 7:30 p.m.

· 6:00 – Start of ceremony

Decision to move the ceremony inside due to inclement weather will be made by 1:00 p.m. to allow enough time to move items from the football field to the Varsity Fieldhouse.

Students/parents will only be notified IF the change is necessary.

Option C – 6:00 p.m. inside in the Varsity Fieldhouse – Limited seating (4 tickets per graduate)

· 4:30 – Doors 14 & 15 will open for audience entry into the Varsity Fieldhouse. Tickets collected at door.

· 5:00 – Students arrive for staging in the cafeteria, enter Door 1/6.

· 5:45 – Processional into the gymnasium

· 6:00 – Start of ceremony

For those that cannot attend, the ceremony will be televised live in HD on

*The Stream will be live no matter which option for time and location is chosen. The video will also be available to watch on-demand at the same website a few hours after the event concludes.

Handicapped Seating: If you or a guest needs handicapped seating, please reach out to Mrs. Tewell at

Spectator Conduct at Commencement: Out of respect for our graduates and to preserve the dignity of this ceremony, please set cell phones to silent/vibrate mode and refrain from the use of loud noise makers and loud noises during student recognition. We would like to remind everyone that air horns or other noise making devices are not permitted and will be confiscated by the BCSC police. Every graduate deserves the right to be recognized without interruption. Your cooperation in advance is appreciated.

Photography at Commencement: Please arrange to take pictures prior to Commencement. Team 2023 will be renting the Graduation Gowns and collecting the Gowns immediately after the ceremony. Please plan to meet up with friends and classmates before the commencement exercise to take personal photos to commemorate this special day. A professional photographer will be present at commencement to capture the awarding of the diploma and graduates exiting the stage. Parents may take photographs during Commencement from their seats. We will have a professional photographer taking pictures of each graduating senior as they receive their diploma. Order forms will be passed out at practice with their tickets. More information is available through Lifetouch at: Parents and/or spectators will not be permitted down in front where diplomas are being presented.

Proper dress for the Graduation Ceremony: Gentleman should wear a shirt and tie along with dress pants and dress shoes. Ladies should wear a dress or a blouse and skirt/slacks. To minimize the possibility of falling when going up and down stairs, and to protect the stadium turf, ladies will only be permitted to wear flats or wedges. Under NO circumstances should blue jeans, tennis shoes, high heels, t-shirts or shorts be worn during the ceremony. Also, in order to maintain the dignity of the ceremony, no messages are permitted to be worn on the top of the caps. Any student improperly dressed will not be permitted to go through Commencement.

“Senior Moment”: (momentary lapse of good judgment) - BHS will not tolerate any type of senior prank. We are very optimistic that we will not have any issues with this group of seniors. Their character and high degree of respect for BHS is quite impressive. Students must understand that if they come onto school property during times in which they are not scheduled to be here, they will be held accountable for their actions. If necessary, this may include involvement of the police. Students will be held accountable for any type of disruption up to and including Commencement. Please discuss this with your son/daughter so we are not placed in a position of denying the privilege of participating in Commencement activities.

Thank you for a successful senior year and your continued partnership,

Team 2023

Dale Sharpe – Assistant Principal

Sarah Mahan – School Counselor

Seth Ragsdale – School Counselor

Carlos Calero – Academic Coach

Jamie Tewell – Administrative Assistant

Joni Martin – College and Career Advisor


Yearbooks are scheduled to be delivered during 1st PERIOD CLASSES Thursday, May 11, through Wednesday, May 17. The schedule for delivery is as follows:

  • We will first deliver to the Senior Academy classrooms, gyms, and weight room on Thursday, May 11th and Friday, May 12th.
  • We will then deliver to main building classrooms Monday, May 15th through Wednesday, May 17th.
  • We will finish up any remaining / missed classes on Thursday, May 18th.
  • Any student who has not received their yearbook due to absence or any other reason can pick their yearbook up from B2-410 on Friday, May 19th before or after school.

Message from Nutrition Services

Hello BHS Team 2023 Families!

BHS & Harris Seniors who have a meal account balance greater than $10 at the end of the school year can receive a refund if a Meal Account Refund Request is submitted within 60 days of the end of the school year.

Find more information and a link to this online form here:

Please complete this form if you expect your student's account to have more than $10 remaining at the end of the school year. Meal account balances may also be transferred to another student or donated to the Hunger Free Fund through this Meal Account Refund Request form. All unclaimed meal account balances are donated to the Hunger Free Fund.

To check your student's meal account balance, log on to and use your student's school ID to create an account.

Thank you!

BCSC Nutrition Services

BHS Finals

Finals are fast approaching and make up 20% of the semester grade. Final exam days are mandatory student attendance days, please help your student succeed by ensuring they arrive on time and have a good night's sleep. In order to maintain the integrity of the finals testing environment, we will not be able to call into/or interrupt a classroom to get a student. Students are expected to remain in their classrooms for the duration of each testing period even if they have finished early. Please take this change into consideration when making appointments for finals week.
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Acceptable Use Policy

Videotaping or taking pictures of BHS students or staff without their consent is an “Acceptable Use Violation” and is against school policy. Multiple offenses could also be considered “harassment” or “bullying”. It is very important that all students and parents/guardians are aware that this type of violation could result in serious consequences. Please have this conversation with your student to make sure they are aware of this policy and expectation.


Wearing a lanyard is a BHS expectation, and we believe lanyards, along with ID’s, help us provide a safe learning environment for our students and staff. While this has always been an expectation, on Monday March 6th we will be requiring all students to wear their lanyards around their neck with their ID properly displayed. Right now, many students are hooking their lanyards to their backpacks, carrying them in their pocket/hand, or not displaying them at all. Students who continually do not wear their lanyards properly displayed around their neck will begin to receive warnings followed by progressive consequences. Please encourage your student, as necessary, to properly wear their lanyards daily and all day.

Graduate Walk Bricks

The Brownsburg Education Foundation has created a tradition with the Graduate Walk. You can leave a lasting mark with a commemorative brick in the Graduate Walk which is located between the Senior Academy and Varsity Fieldhouse at Brownsburg High School. The bricks are engraved with a graduate's name and graduating year or a special person's name who has given back to the Brownsburg Community School Corporation. Follow this link for pricing and to order your brick: Graduate Walk Bricks | befweb (
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BCSC Food and Clothing Pantry

Thanks to the hard work of community and staff volunteers and Applied Skills students in the Collaborators for Success program at BHS, the BCSC Food and Clothing Pantry continues to serve many families in Brownsburg through a partnership with Gleaners Food Bank. BCSC families have also contributed donations to help make the pantry a great resource for our community.

The pantry will serve families again THURSDAY, 11/3 from 3pm-5:30pm in a drive thru setting and always on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Thursdays of the month. Visitors can pull up to door #7 at the ALPHA/Harris Academy building, 725 C South Green Street.

If you have questions about the pantry, please contact Tracy Damone at

Team 2023 Contact Information

Assistant Principal - Dale Sharpe,, ext. 1720

Guidance Counselor A-K - Seth Ragsdale,, ext. 1702

Guidance Counselor L-Z - Sarah Mahan,, ext. 1703

College & Career Advisor - Joni Martin,, ext. 1916

Academic Coach - Carlos Calero,, ext. 1704
Administrative Assistant - Jamie Tewell,, ext. 1701