Artifacts Found On The Titanic


Imagine being freezing cold on a ship call "The Unsinkable" that is sinking. This is what the people thought the night it was sinking. Most people know about the Titanic, but not everyone knows about the artifacts found years later.

How The Titanic Sank

On April 14 at 11:40pm the Titanic struck a massive ice burg. As the ship sank people were freaking out not knowing what to do or were to go. The workers on the ship shoved up to 65 people on a life boats. By 2:20 am, April 15 the "Unsinkable" was gone.

Artifacts Found And How They Related To The People

Many people died on the ship, but what we don't think about is what valuable artifacts went down to. Wallace Henery was a violin player that performed on the ship. His violin was found in 2006 and was sold in an auction for double the auctioneers expected. They also found shoes, valuable jewelry, pocket clocks, letters from passengers and much more.

How They Discovered Artifacts On The Titanic

They found the artifacts by going down in special submarines. They had to have special submarines because the Titanic wreck was so deep down in the water. They searched everywhere in the Titanic and some artifacts were in safes. Many of the artifacts were sold in auctions for a lot of money.


All in all the Titanic has many artifacts that were found and worth a lot of money.