Samaria Holmes

Who am I you may ask?

Well obviously by the title above, I'm Samaria. (Hello everyone) I was born in Woodlands, Texas, however, I am a Huntsville Native, and have been one ever since. I am not the average person with who is timid or dry, but quite fun to hang around with and is there for people who ever needs a smile. Yes, I am very social, energetic, and if anything CRAZY!! Of coarse i am the baby of the family, and no I am not spoiled whatsoever.
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My Family

I have only three people that live with me, and that is my Mom, Dad, and older sister. My Dad grew up in Fort Worth, but moved to Huntsville when he was in college as well as my Mom, only she lived in Livingston. Lastly, my sister is a senior named Zhane, but I call her Schelly (Her middle name is Raeschell just a heads up on why i call her that). Schelly and I have never been separated before in our entire lives, and we do EVERYTHING together no matter who we're with. So when she goes off to college I actually do not know what I'm gonna do without her. (true story)

Favorite Memory

The one memory that is my all time favorite was this summer was my 16th Birthday. Not only was my 16th Birthday, but I got to share that day with my father because it fell on Father's Day. Every picture I took was with my Dad to symbolize our special day together.

Favorite Animal

There is no reason to even think about what my favorite animal is and always will be CATS!! (Yes besides penguins, [sorry penguins]) I have a cat name Tim, and if anything he's the spoiled child in the family. Schelly and I treat Tim like as if he is a child, even if he's an outside Bobcat.

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Well obviously with me always randomly humming a catchy tune or song, I'm in band and that I play the Clarinet, I decided to keep my family tradition of the females in my family to keep playing Clarinet. Not only am I in band, but I also love to dance. If anything I am known for playing Clarinet and to dance. I am a Praise dancer at my church, and I always dance for fun. If a party is ever needed to get live, I'll be there quick fast and in a hurry. :)