Vocabulary Presentation 6

Natalie Schlesinger

Guess the Word:

Every morning, the boy fights and pleads with his mother, but eventually he ________ to her commands and drags himself to the bus stop.
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1.To yield; to give in or give up, especially to a powerful force or desire

2. To die


Latin root: succumbere


"sub"- under

"cumbere"- to lie down


(applies for both definitions)

  • yield
  • submit
  • defer
  • consent


  • withstand
  • resist
  • survive
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You can succumb to pressure, illness, desire, or many other factors

Practice-- choose the incorrect usage

1. By the time the doctors could identify the woman's rare infection, it quickly spread to all parts of her body, and she succumbed to the disease.

2. The mother vowed that she would not succumb to her daughter's begging, and until the daughter could bring her grades up, she would not be allowed to make social plans.

3. She is trying to lose weight, but she always succumbs to vanilla ice cream, and other sugary desserts.

4. We agreed to succumb our differences and make a compromise between who gets to finish what parts of the lab experiment.