A Flyer For The 6th Graders

How To Do Things Correctly

  • Always finish your work on time
  • Do homework every single day
  • Don't have a bad behavior
  • Never scream back at him
  • Always raise your hand and let him call on you
  • Don't ever talk when he talks

Things You Will Learn For Math And Reading In The Future


  • algebra
  • fractions (multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting)
  • expressions
  • hypotenuse of a triangle
  • decimals
  • addition and subtraction equations
  • probabilities
  • circle ( circumference and area)
  • graph
  • ratios, proportions, and percents
  • integers


  • inferences
  • main idea
  • cause and effects
  • compare and contrast
  • questions and answers
  • chronological order
  • summary/plot
  • genre
  • vocabulary words

How To Earn Tickets!!! :)

  • unpack your stuff quickly
  • read a book in the morning (if he assigns it)
  • be a good boy/girl
  • do homework/work
  • answer hard questions

Things You Need To Know About Our Teacher

  1. He has O.C.D (he likes to make everything neat)
  2. He is nice to everybody until you piss him off
  3. He likes to award people if you're doing a great job
  4. He likes to be the first one in everything (Mr. Coccio said, "Second place is the first loser.")
  5. Be prepared for work