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General Information

My apologies for not sending a newsletter in recent weeks. My subscription ran out and I did not want to renew for an entire year. They let me renew month to month until I leave in June.

The March Calendar has been issued please see the dates for FSA testing. There will be no Gifted on those four days.

SWITCH DAY NEXT WEEK: Tuesday grade 4 comes to GRC. Thursday we are on a field trip with Grade 5 to Tallahassee.

Contact Information

IF you need to contact me in an emergency while your child is here at Don Brewer, please call the MAIN OFFICE @ 745-4990. All calls left on my voice mail will be answered after 2:30 that day.

Grade K and 1 Friday

March 4

We finished our Unit on Trees. We toured a tree and learned many tings about trees and what lives in, around, and under a tree. We studied earthworms and ants today. We will begin a unit on Mollusks next week called Shell We Research. We will learn many research methods as we learn about mollusks.

Grade 2 MONDAY

Feb. 29

Leap Day. Rossini the opera composer was born on this day in the 1700's. We listened to his music "Dueling Cats" and watched a movie about his most famous opera The Barber of Seville. We learned many things about his life.

Grade 3 Wednesday

March 2

Today we finished our art unit. We used the day to as a make-up day to catch up on any art projects not finished. We have studied five art periods. Ancient Art, Renaissance, Early American, Impressionism, and Modern Art.

Grade 4 Thursday

March 3

We are really digging in deep into our Chemistry Unit. Today we learned about elements, compounds and mixtures. We have read about the history of Chemistry and played several games. The games are helping us get used to the Periodic Table of Elements.

NEXT WEEK: Gifted students come on Tuesday.

Grade 5 Tuesday

March 1

We are busy building bridges. We have formed constructions companies and named them as well as written a slogan and Logo. We have $1,500,000.00 budget to get our toothpick bridges built.

Tallahassee Field Trip meet in Don Brewer Parking lot Thursday March 10 between 6:00-6:15.