House of Scorpion

Stephanie Zarate

Matteo Alacran

Matteo Alacran was a little boy who was raised in The BIg White House, everyone knew the house by that name, a place where everyone knew who lived there. He, then later grew up and the house owner passed away and Matteo took over and is now ruler of Opium. Matteo grew up wanting to be so called "king" or "ruler" of something and make a difference. He grew up dreaming of what it would be like for everyone to listen and obey his rules the way he wanted them to be. Sooner then he could see it he got what he wanted. Eventhough, he did have a part of sadness in his heart of the death of the first owner of Opium.

Matteo Alacran's family

Maria Alacran is Matteo's wife.They have two children a boy and a girl. His little boy is name Joseph and his little girl is name Adeline. Joseph is four years old and Adeline is two years old. Matt adores his family and wishes the best for his entire family that he has left. Matteo's mom or, he says is his mother, is Celia. The reason for him calling her his mother is that she has always been there with him since he was a baby and even today. Celia has cared for Matt since forever and always will. Tam Lin is Matt's best friend and body guard. He a very trusted man and has never let Matt down. Matt hopes to keep his family as united as it is now.
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His Future

Matteo Alacran is the new ruler of Opium. Matteo Alacran is a man who wishes to make a brighter future for him and Opium. He hopes he can achieve his goal for Opium to make it a brighter place for his people. He and the rest of his workers will make Opium a better place for the people. Matteo Alacran wishes to terminate Opium. He will then keep it's name and make it into a place where people have equally shared jobs. Everyone will be treated the same and have a fair wage for each worker. Matt wants to get ride of making people in to eejits. Eejits are people and animals who are being control by a small chip that is easily inserted into your forehead. Having people and animals turned into eejits will be omitted. Matt will then have reconstructed a new building for Opium. Jobs will be offered to people who are in need of work and money for their families. And from then one Matt has succefully achieved what he has wanted for his family and Opium.