Superintendent Update

March 9-March 13

Weekly Update

Monday, March 9

8:00 Mayor's Breakfast

9:30 Cabinet Meeting

2:00 Meeting

3:00 Meeting

5:30 Work Session

Tuesday, March 10

7:40 Read (Lesslie Elementary)

8:45 Meeting

10:00 Read (The Children's School)

11:00 Budget Meeting (Jackie Jones)

12:30 Straight Talk

2:00 Meeting

4:00 Budget Meeting (Jean Dickson)

5:30 Meeting

6:00 Mt. Holly

Wednesday, March 11

Late Start

9:00 Budget Meeting (Don Gillman)

11:00 Budget Meeting (Kelly Kane)

1:00 Budget Meeting (Norris Williams)

2:00 Budget Meeting (Jacob Moree)

3:00 Budget Meeting (Christopher Roorda)

4:00 Budget Meeting (Sebrina Myles)

6:00 SIC Meeting (Ebinport Elementary)

Thursday, March 12

8:00 United Way Meeting

9:00 OEC Meeting

6:30 Gala

Friday, March 13


Happy Birthday!

March 5
Keri Brown (Lesslie)
March 7
Damon Ward
Polly Wingate
March 10
Bill Gantt
March 13
Bernard Gill
March 16
Heather Andrus
March 17
Stephanie DiStasio
March 19
Chris Curtis
March 21
Derek Owens
March 22
Pat Maness
Emily McQuay
March 23
Jean Dickson
DeWilla Williams
March 27
Susan Murphy
March 29
Terry Hutchinson

Thank you- School Talk!

Thank you to Ozzie Ahl, James Blake, Luanne Kokoils and Chris Mack (Rock Hill High) for being my guests on School Talk this week. Please watch to hear more about the school calendar and the District's technology plan.

Upcoming Dates:

Spring Break
March 30-April 3

Snow Make- Up Days:

Just a reminder that our two snow make-up days are Monday, April 6th and Monday, May 25th. Please be sure to share with your families.

Feedback and Changes from Leadership Meeting...

Just a reminder, these are the communication tips we agreed on at Leadership. We all just need to get in the habit of practicing them! Many of you have already begun- thank you!

1. MS – bullets from each department from most recent cabinet meeting in the Supts Update (This will begin next week.)

2. MS – Need org chart of DO- We will send this out in next week's update.

3. HS – Principals report back more to the group they represent on committees

4. HS – Emails – Put ACTION NEEDED in subject line – set up a protocol to indicate level of importance – send to one person and then can be forwarded, otherwise too many are working on the same thing – discriminately, distinguish between “high priority” and “action required” Let's all start this asap.

5. Prioritize Supt Weekly Update (put weekly department info in there) and organize Canvas by department – cross reference so that everything for one Leadership Meeting can be located easily

6. Open and honest communication during elementary PLCs – create platform for safe two-way communication among Leadership (discussion in Canvas?)

7. Specific allocated share time on certain topics at each Leadership and principal meetings – tie to district goals

8. Value and share each others strengths openly

9. Create a universal coding system for emails to indicate level of urgency – number system or letter system

a. AN – Action Needed

b. R – Just Read **This is the protocol we will use!

c. Number as 4,3,2,1

i. 4- Action Needed

ii. 3-Important, no action

iii. 2-share info

iv. 1-FYI

10. Audit how we are communicating – communications journal by individual and as organization– how and why we are communicating – RFP done to have a firm audit our communication behaviors (We decided to hold this to see if communication is improving.)

Thank you to Dr. J. for taking great notes at Leadership!

Leadership Feedback

Please take a few moments to complete the Leadership Feedback Survey. You will find it by clicking on the link below or go to Canvas and look under the February Leadership Meeting/Leadership Feedback.