Friday, October 8th

Friday Message:

Happy Friday, Sharks!

It has been a busy week here at Lakeside as we finally enjoyed a full week with no interruptions. Thanks to the many parents and families who joined us for the first round of Teacher Conferences Thursday evening. For those of you joining us on Tuesday of next week on Zoom, teachers will email you a specific Zoom link for conferences. This will only work if we have up-to-date email addresses for you, so please make sure you complete the student verification process (details below) so we have current information.

We do have a PTO meeting on Wednesday night of next week at 7:00 PM. Here is the link to join us. Please Note for next week: Please remember to check ParentPortal this weekend for updated information on bus route changes. See below for details.

That's all for this week, Sharks! Have a great weekend!

Did You Know: We have our first half-day schedule coming up on Wednesday. This means our bell schedule will be different. You can find our various bell schedules on our website found here.

Next Week @ LMS:

Coming up next week:

Monday, October 11th: Black Day

Tuesday, October 12th: Teal Day / Teacher Conferences (night two ~ 5:00 - 8:00 PM)

Wednesday, October 13th: Black Day / Half Day for Students (1:05 PM dismissal)

Thursday, October 14th: Teal Day

Friday, October 15th: Black Day

News from Lakeside:

  1. Last chance for Conferences on Tuesday evening. Conferences run from 5 - 8 PM in case you missed them on Thursday. If you did not get the email from Ms. Wood this week, here is the document.

  2. To help manage our school bus driver shortage, Transportation Services has recently reorganized all of our bus routes. As a result of this reorganization, many bus numbers and bus stop times will change starting Monday, October 11.

    Before our new routes begin on October 11, please sign in to your PowerSchool Parent Portal and click on “Transportation Info” on the left side to check your child’s bus number and schedule. If you have questions about your child’s bus route, please call Transportation at 434-973-5716.

    We appreciate your patience with all of the changes and your continued support of our drivers as we work to provide transportation service for all students who need it.

  3. The Waynesboro Symphony Orchestra has a Young Artist Concerto Competition open for their surrounding counties, including Albemarle. Eligible students must be between the ages of 13 - 18. For more information, here is their website.

  4. Please take a moment to update your ParentPortal using the Student Verification Page. Not only do we use this information in case of an emergency, but this is also where parents/families give permission for things like the yearbook photos. It only takes a few minutes of time. Information for families on how to complete the Registration Verification process can be found on the Registration Verification page found on the ACPS website. If you have questions about the form, please don’t hesitate to contact SIS Support. It is only open for a month, so please take the time to do update your information.

    Here are the steps you will need:

    If you have a PowerSchool Parent Portal account, go to and sign in to the PowerSchool Parent Portal. From the Parent Portal

    1. Select the student you wish to update along the top
    2. Either:
      • Click the Student Registration Verification button on the left sidebar
      • Click the Applications icon in the top right corner and select Student Registration Verification
    3. Enter your student's date of birth to verify access to the form
    4. Follow the prompts to begin the form
    5. Review all information on each page and make changes where necessary

  5. Lakeside Tee-Shirts are still for sale from the PTO. Here is a link to the form.

From Ms. McCullough:

Three Extracurricular Opportunities!:

I am Diana McCullough, the Talent Development Resource Teacher here at Lakeside, and wanted to let you know about three opportunities that are coming up. I will be advertising these to your children via flyers and morning announcements.

The first activity, for sixth and eighth graders only, is the Writer’s Eye Contest, which will take place on Wednesday, October 20th, from 2:15 to 3:15PM. (Note that seventh grade ELA teachers plan on having all their students attend at another time.) Every year the UVA Fralin Art Museum hosts the Writer’s Eye Contest where students write a story or poem based on an inspiring work of art of their choice. This year we will be taking a virtual tour of the museum where students will learn about the art pieces selected for the competition and complete their entries before the submission deadline in November. Winning entries will be published in the yearly Writer’s Eye anthology. As we have a limited number of available spots at this time, I am only taking requests directly from students. If your child loves creative writing, please encourage them to email me at

The Piedmont Regional Science Fair (PRSF) is an annual event where middle school students from central Virginia compete in any number of categories from psychology to botany to engineering. Projects can involve either the scientific or engineering process. This activity will require that they complete their project outside of school hours, and we will be meeting virtually after school every other Wednesday (tentative) from 4:40 to 5:40. Initially, these meetings will be used for me to guide students through the process, and then for one on one or group conferences. Note that the actual science fair is tentatively scheduled to be at John Paul Jones Arena during the week of March 14. If your child has a passion for science and is interested in participating, please have them email me at

National History Day
is somewhat like a science fair, but for social studies. Students choose a topic fitting the year’s theme, which for 2022 is Debate & Diplomacy in History: Successes, Failures Consequences. They can choose topics from any time and place as long as it is historical, fits the theme, and has available sources. This activity will also require time outside of the classroom and involves research followed by the creation of a project in the form of a paper, website, documentary, exhibit, or performance. Meetings for this group are tentatively planned for after school every other Wednesday from 4:40 to 5:40, with initial meetings guiding students through the process followed by meetings to discuss individual projects. NHD usually takes place in the spring but I haven’t seen a specific date yet. If your child loves learning about the past and its effect on our lives today and is interested in participating, please have them email me at

As indicated, the meeting day for PRSF and NHD is tentatively planned for Wednesday. If a majority of students require another day, that can be changed. I will be emailing you and your child when meetings officially begin. If you or your child have any questions, please email me at

TikTok Trends:

TikTok Trends

  • You may be aware that there are several challenges going around on TikTok (social media app) called "Devious Licks". These challenges range from destroying school property to hitting staff members.
  • Schools all over the country are being impacted by these challenges and we have had several instances at Lakeside, especially in our bathrooms.
  • This behavior is unacceptable and there are strict consequences for students who choose to participate in this.
  • It is our expectation that our school and staff are treated with the utmost respect and kindness so that we continue to have a safe learning environment for all.
  • Please help us at home by reminding your student that this behavior is unacceptable and will result in consequences.