Welcome to Japanese 1!

Meet the teacher day! \^o^/ --Jan 15, 2015

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Click on the audio below to hear a message from Hall sensei!

Let's explore Japanese 1!


おはようございます! (ohayougozaimasu!)

My name is Dianna Hall. You can call me "Hall sensei". I will be your Japanese 1 instructor for the Spring semester 2015.

Here are some important things to know and tabs to go through:

  • To learn more about me, my office hours, and find my contact information please go to the tab to the left called:
    • "先生 Your Teacher"
  • To message me, your language coach, or any of the students in your section/class, you can use the tab on the left called:
    • "Message"
    • *I do prefer emails over messages.
  • Make sure you check out the ANNOUNCEMENTS EVERYDAY that you login, starting on Jan 20th. There will be important information posted. You can find announcements as soon as you login. It should be the first thing posted for the class. Or you can click on the tab:
  • To find out DUE DATES and IMPORTANT DATES for Japanese 1, please go to the tab called:


  • Respond to my Welcome Email. (by Jan 20th)
    (If you have NOT received the email, please email me NOW and let me know.)
  • Have a Welcome Phone Call to talk to me.
    (Look through the welcome email to find more information on this--needs to be completed by Jan 20th 11:59pm).
  • Complete the Student Information Survey that was emailed in the Welcome email. Due by Jan 21st 11:59pm.

Here's is a video that can help you with navigating through this course. It was made for previous semesters. Please click on the link below:

If you have explored Blackboard, and have completed EVERYTHING that needs to be completed, AWESOME JOB!!! ^o^
Keep up the good work!

NEXT Steps AFTER going through EVERYTHING above please make sure you explore Blackboard and go through the ORIENTATION tab (to the left), as well as the "Intro Module" that is located in the Course Modules tab to the left (We will be working on this next week). ^_^

Lets have an AWESOME semester! ^_^
ホール先生 ^_^

☻ /

Let's have a GREAT semester in Japanese 1!! (◕‿◕✿)