Welcome Back!

Hello Teachers,

I hope everyone enjoyed their time away from school with family, friends, and loved ones.

I know this week included more data that I hope you will find meaningful when discussing your students and their progress. Going forward, Wednesdays will now be known as "Data Wednesdays" and will include an update in group attendance, attendance goals, and running records and assessment data.

I have greatly appreciated the opportunity of discussing your students and their progress in the break room and hallways. Please continue to ask me questions and seek me out!

I would like you to let me know about any upcoming SST meetings or parent conferences with your students so that I can prepare any data or observations for you. If there are any actions that come out of these meetings that I can assist you in, please let me know!


Jillian Trujillo


  • Starting Friday, December 4, I will be using room A-5 for LLI. Please let your students know to report to A-5 beginning TOMORROW. This will be a more convenient location since most of the students are in classrooms closer to A-5 than E-6.

  • LLI Cycle 1 has been extended past its initial 8 week cycle. I expect that we will go an additional 6 weeks, but I will keep you posted on these changes.

  • Many of my LLI groups will soon be starting in a 4 lesson novel study in which we will read a short chapter book and will allow us to go deeper in our thinking and discussions. I am super excited for these lessons and will keep you posted of the progress that is being made.

Miss Trujillo

MTTS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports) Teacher