Drift Prairie

By Xander, Rylee, Kayonei, Matthew, Ciriniti, & Mady

North Dakota State Fair

The North Dakota State Fair was held in 4 different locations before it was decided which one was the best. In 1966, the competition was over. Minot was chosen to host the North Dakota State Fair every July. It’s first preparation for a fair was in 1922, before it was officially the fair host. The All Seasons arena was the North Dakota State Fair Center, built in 1975. It is a big bustling center with buildings connecting to the center. The North Dakota State Fair has grown into an extremely popular North Dakota event. People come to compete in various contests, such as bull riding, pig racing, and 4-H, ride carnival rides, eat new foods, and watch musical concerts. The North Dakota State Fair is an awesome event in the Drift Prairie region of North Dakota.

Unique Eats At The Fair

Hungry? There is no way you can leave the North Dakota State Fair without trying some of the unique and yummy food. You can find anything from Colossal Corn Dogs to Pork-Chop-On-A-Stick to Fry Bread Tacos. After a yummy dinner, you can enjoy dessert. Home-made pie, funnel cakes, snow cones, and mini cookies will cure your sweet tooth.

Thrills & Chills: Rides at the Fair

Every July, the North Dakota State Fairgrounds are transformed into a massive amusement park. The North Dakota State Carnival has rides ranging from extreme to kid friendly. Everybody in your family will find something they will enjoy at the carnival.

Things to Pack

Because there is so many fun things to do at the fair, you would want to be comfortable. Typical July weather in North Dakota is hot and humid, so be prepared! Warm weather clothing such as shorts, tank-tops or t-shirts are all appropriate to wear to the fair. Tennis shoes and sandals are great shoe choices. If you're going to the evening entertainment, like concerts, you may need to wear jeans.

If you're competing in 4-H or FFA, you may need to wear a uniform or work clothes. Most people end up wearing jeans and boots while working in the barns taking care of their animals.

You can't bring in food or beverages into the fairgrounds. Since it is normally hot, you would want to bring sunscreen. If you have any young children, you can bring a stroller. Most importantly, you should bring money so you can enjoy the fair.

Our State Fair: The North Dakota Experience