Junior High Journal

Norfolk Public Schools

The Great Fall

A trustworthy reporter saw an egg named Humpty Dumpty have the biggest fall ever in history. On the day of July 4, 2015, the annual Big Bang Boom festival with many fireworks, Humpty was on the Great Wall of China when the fireworks were going off.

When Humpty fell, he broke into a hundred pieces and he tried to put himself back together. Then all the King’s horses tried to put him back together, but they couldn't do it either. After the great fall, they couldn't put him back together, so he ended up dying and they buried him by the Great Wall of China.

Golf an Amazing Sport

Would you want to learn some facts about how to play the most popular sport? Well, golf started way back in 1744 where they sat down and wrote the rules to the game. Golf consists of hitting a small normally white ball into a hole using the least amount of shots possible. People wear nice golf shorts not sports shorts and they also wear nice polo shirts. People play golf at public courses where they pay a daily fee, or they play at country clubs where they are members and only they can play. Eighteen holes is considered a full round of golf, some people also play nine holes. Golf is made up of par three, par four, and par fives. Par is when you make it in the hole in how many strokes it takes them. The tee box is where you start the hole from. From there you either land in the fairway or the rough and you would want to land in the fairway. Then you hit your shot onto the green where you putt the ball into the hole. Hazards are found throughout the course and can sometimes make the hole very tricky. The two hazards are water hazard in that one you have to take a penalty stroke the other one is the bunker, also know as sand, where it just makes it tough to hit out of. For golf equipment you have a small normally white ball that you hit. You have a driver and a tee where you hit from the tee box. You also have irons that you hit from the fairway or the rough. The irons you use are clubs one through nine. Then you have wedges that have a higher loft and clubs that you hit closer to the green. There is four major events that professionals play in and is considered a grand slam if you win all four of them throughout your career. Then you have smaller tournaments played every week throughout the months of January till August. Then the prize at the end of the year for getting the most points by playing good in tournaments in the FedEx Cup. I hope that you know more about golf now than you did before you read this.


If you had a shot to be a huge underdog would you? Rocky took the fight of a lifetime to face Apollo Creed and have a shot at beating the best in the world. He got a trainer that helped home and made him fight as hard as he could. He lost the match that went deep into the end and had to be a decision. He found a girl that he liked that worked in a pet store. He later then got a rematch against Creed. His trainer told him he has to fight with his right hand and use his strong hand, his left, to end him in the final round. Rocky and his trainer made him in better shape for his last fight. Rocky and Creed ended the fight by both swinging and knocking each other down. Whoever got up first from being knocked down would win. Who was it?

Madden Mobile

My favorite app would have to be Madden Mobile. In Madden Mobile you have your live events which help you make money and complete sets which always will help you. Next, you can also play head to head which is where you play other people around the world. They also have season mode, and you can play as many seasons as possible. You can also play in leagues which help you earn achievements. Also, there are auctions which help you build your team better and make the overall rating go up. All these features make it my favorite game.

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