By: Lily Boovy

Name & Region?

The name of my colony is Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania's region is The Great Lakes region.

When was it found & Who founded it?

Pennsylvania was found on March 4, 1681 by William Penn.

Why was Pennsylvania found & How did they make a living?


Type of Government

    1. The Frame of government of Pennsylvania was a constitution for the Province of Pennsylvania, a proprietary colony granted to William Penn by Charles II of England.

Major cities of Pennsylvania

Major Towns / Cities: Philadelphia, Lancaster, York

Different landforms of Pennsylvania

There are three landforms and they are mountains, they are the Pocono, Allegheny, and the Appalachian Mountains.
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Religions in Pennsylvania

There were numerous religious beliefs in Pennsylvania including Swedish Lutherans, German Lutherans, Jewish, Roman Catholic, and Greek Orthodox.
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Why I would want to move to Pennsylvania...

I would want to move to Pennsylvania because it's located near the mountains and I love the mountains and love going there. Plus I enjoy making and doing stuff for myself and on my own and it seems like the people that lived in Pennsylvania is this time had to build things and make things. So that seems fun to me.