Nov/Dec Students of the Month

McCord Middle School

Student of the Month Description

Each month McCord Middle School staff will recognize four students that exemplify characteristics from our Middle School Learners Profile that was created by a committee of community members, administrators, students and staff members. Below you will find our November and December Student of the Month winners and other nominees.
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Chelsea Afriyie

Solution Seeker of the Month nominated by Mrs. Schreiber.

Chelsea is always working hard in math class. She willingly shares her perspective on how to solve problems and provides great mathematical thinking to our classroom discussions. She is always looking to learn more and does a fantastic job taking responsibility for her learning.

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Kyle Mitsdarfer

Global Thinker of the Month nominated by Mrs. Hess.

Kyle is such a positive participant in our global thinkers class. He is always willing to contribute to our class discussions while having an open mind to others' perspectives. He is very respectful and does a great job working with others. Kyle comes to class each day with a positive attitude and gives 100% to the class activities & assignments. It is a pleasure to have him in class. Keep up the good work!

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Asia Johnson

Resilient Learner of the Month nominated by Mrs. Freer.

Asia comes to class each and every day prepared to learn. She has math the last period of the day which isn't easy to do. She is kind and respectful. She participates in class, offers solutions to problems, completes her assignments on time, and seeks out help when she needs it. She has become a leader in my class and her peers look up to her.

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Katya Elfaour

Kind and Empathetic Friend of the Month nominated by Ms. Robb.

Katya is incredibly sweet to everyone she encounters. She is always willing to help where it is needed and asks for opportunities to help others. She is an example of empathy and kindness to everyone in the class and even inspires me to look for the positive on difficult days.

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Finton Barker

Solution Seeker of the Month nominated by Ms. Rush.

Finn shows up to our first period class every day with a funny story to share and thoughtful insights to add to our class discussions. Whatever we are working on, I can count on Finn to do his best to challenge his own understanding of the material. He is a leader in group discussions and activities, and I have seen him supporting and building off of his peers' contributions as well. Finn is awesome!

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Jensen Williams

Global Thinker of the Month nominated by Mrs. Lee.

In English, Jensen has done a great job choosing writing topics and books that expand his thinking. He has chosen subjects that have pushed himself to think differently about the world. I am always impressed with Jensen's insights as he communicates his ideas and perspectives through his writing and class discussions. I am so impressed with Jensen's growth throughout this year. Jensen, I know you are going to use that brilliant mind for important things throughout your life!

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Daphne Martinez

Resilient Learner of the Month nominated by Mr. Korn.

Daphne had a wonderful start to the second quarter. She is very involved in the daily lesson and is prepared to do her best each and every day. Daphne has quickly developed new study skills, outside of school, and it is paying off with academic success. Way to go Daphne!

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Ella Gregg

Kind and Empathetic Friend of the Month nominated by Mrs. Lee.

Ella is such a bright light, not only in class, but in the hallways as well. Whenever I see Ella, she always has a smile on her face. I love having Ella in class, because she is such a kind soul. No matter who she is paired with for a project, Ella is always patient and kind. Thanks for always spreading kindness, Ella!

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Other Nominees

Lindey Abbott

Grace Baker

Safaa Bouhamidi

Mia Calcera

Emma Radick

Ethan Cooper

Sinnai Scott