Your ARBONNE Journey starts here

Congratulations and Welcome to the team!

Congratulations on starting your Arbonne business!! You couldn't have joined our amazing company or our incredible team at a better time!

If you have decided to build a business with Arbonne to make a couple extra hundred dollars a month, or want to take it to the top and change your life along with the lives of countless others, you are in the perfect place! The beauty of this business is you may be in it for yourself, but you are never in it by yourself!

Let us guide you and you will earn while you learn. We work as a team and want to show you how to be successful and teach others the same! Immediately get on the phone with your sponsor and VP for a coaching call about your first steps to GET IN BUSINESS!

Now that you have decided to become an entrepreneur, launch your very own business, and build a life by design, I bet you're wondering, "what's next?"

Welcome to our Arbonne family and congratulations on the exciting opportunity that lies ahead for you and your future team! This is a general email I usually send to new business builders to cover some common questions that I had when I first started.

The most important part in getting started is of course in scheduling 4-6 successful launch presentations and another 4-8 presentations booked thereafter. This is your time to focus on reaching out to everyone you know (conversation is key to hearing your excitement, and how much having them attend one of your events would mean to you).

In addition, taking time to do the 4 following things. These will start you off right!

  1. Print, read / fill out the Arbonne Strong Start Workbook (attached). This document is 68+ pages long, send it somewhere to have printed ($11 or so), get a 3-ring binder and let's get busy planning and growing your future!
  2. Listen to 1-2 Start Now calls and/or local events that go over our "Top 10 List"(attached) Then schedule time to talk live with your sponsor.
  3. Peruse our team webpage: TEAMDOHERTY.COM (passcode = believe) are all highly recommended during your first weeks. We have weekly team calls to touch base on Mondays, call-in lines you will see on the webpage.
  4. Please ask your sponsor to have you added to our team Facebook page and Region E-mail loops as well to stay connected.

When it comes to ordering products for your Arbonne business, there are some good things to know. Keep in mind, much will depend on your goals and timeframe to work your way to the top levels with the company. Because I have a strong desire to grow my business to VP level within 12 months, I started with all the recommended products (below).

Listed below is exactly what is recommend for new business builders: (Purchasing all items thru ASVP packs / Special Value Packs or in 35% discount and using the $125/25 when available to have gifts for your hostesses, event raffles, or to get an extra RE9 set / protein packs for sampling out. RV is used for promoting to District Manager, so plan out your approach to match your goals).

  1. Arbonnize home (Arbonne Essentials Healthy Living line, RE9 facial/body, GENIUS): Any and all products your family can be using in place of what you are currently using. We rarely sell products we have not personally seen the benefits from. Need a new sunscreen for the family? Run out of hair serum? replace with Arbonnes. You get the idea. Now you buy from your OWN store and build your own personal testimonials.
  2. Show Box: Arbonne Essentials "Healthy Living Fit Kits" ASVP, RE9 facial system ASVP, and any 2-4 favorites you have from any of our lines. I personally LOVE the Sleep Spray, hair serum and ccCream.
  3. Sample Sets:
    • 2-4 RE9 sets used for sampling . I invested in 4 RE9 facial sets which I kept in circulation each week (3-5 day trial) to sample my friends, their referrals, any/all prospects. Hostesses all used for 5 days before shows. People love this because they get to try full-sized products & see immediate results - and we love this approach because those who cannot attend an Arbonne event can experience our line in their own home at their leisure. Sampling full sets also secures a follow up appointment (unlike throw away sample packs, which I use when necessary) to tell them about our amazing company and product line.
    • Healthy Living or "Fit Kits": You will need these for Nutritional samples to hand out to prospects. We manually put these together and will provide a separate sheet on that. Handing out and then following up on sampling gets us many one-on-one appointments to keep us in activity between our scheduled events. People love the opportunity to sample our shakes, fizz sticks and tea prior to jumping on the program.
  4. NEW Genius Ultra Device: this new revolutionary device is changing the course of skincare as we speak. Released in April 2016, it's a MUST have for all consultants, as it's one of the highest selling items Arbonne has ever seen in the short time it's been on the market. Buy 2, one for you personal use AND one to loan out with your RE9 Sample sets. Complete Game-Changer is upon us!
  5. Business Aids:
    • Consultant Business Tools: Catalogs (2, packs of 10), Opportunity brochures (2, packs of 10). There are English and Spanish available.
    • Product Literature: Product Knowledge manual (1), 30 Days to Healthy Living Guide (5), Strong Start Brochure (1, pack of 10)
    • Presentation Aids: Pure ARBONNE Manifesto Poster (1). Needed for demos, Discovers and to INSPIRE and MOTIVATE you every day.
      • Print On Demand: Business Cards: pick your style and order ASAP. Keep in mind your website is created by ARBONNE for you. It will be your (for example:
      • Labels, thank you cards and note pads are also available via the boutique. You decide if you want to purchase these or create them on a different site (vista print, shutterfly, etc). Business Cards are recommended to be purchased via ARBONNE boutique so they follow all of the guidelines.
      • Business Tools: Arbonne Table Runner (1), Logo Stickers (2) these are a very inexpensive way to Arbonnize your sample packs, communication and so much more.
    • Show laminates and Client Cards: You will also want set of Client Cards and laminates for events. This will come in a separate communication.

My thoughts when starting Arbonne were that, relatively speaking, the list above is a small fraction of starting a franchise or another small business endeavor. The decision to invest in our businesses is a personal choice; however I know it served my family and many others incredibly well, many times over.

As always, I'm here to help you or any of your teammates with questions, or specifics pertaining to any business orders or general getting started questions. I strongly recommend setting an appointment with your sponsor to help place and maximize your custom "start order" and go over our simple system for success for the best possible start in this incredibly company.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride, it's a good one!