AESD Week in Review


Week of April 4-8, 2016

Superintendent Message

Good Afternoon Trustees,

I hope everyone enjoyed a terrific time off last week. I know that all of us probably needed some time to regroup, refresh, and recharge our batteries. I hope you had time to spend with your beautiful families, friends and loved ones. I had a great time "unplugging" from work to create some memories with my family. I got to spend a few great days visiting some local attractions. Trustees, thank you for allowing me the time to take a few days off.

This week has been rather eventful. Here are some highlights of my week:

  • On Tuesday Executive Cabinet completed classroom walk-throughs at Morgan Kincaid, Westside Park, and George Magnet Schools. It’s exciting to see the increased student engagement and teacher use of technology this year!
  • This week we have commenced planning for organized tours of our middle schools. We are excited for our parents to see the great things which are happening at our middle school campuses. We believe that these tours will help ease any concerns they may have about sending their kids to Columbia or Mesa Linda next year.
  • I led the Management meeting this week. We discussed the importance of examining benchmark data and creating corresponding plans to meet the needs of our students.
  • I am working with the Girls Scouts to create opportunities for AESD girls to go on field trips to successful business and operations run by women. The Girl Scouts will present to our Trustees on April 19th.
  • On Friday, I will be attending the San Bernardino County Superintendent Network of Leaders.

On another important note, I want to apprise our Trustees on a new situation that has come to my attention. Findings from a regularly scheduled audited conducted in February 2016 discovered that Mesa Linda Middle School did not meet the minimum daily instructional minutes during parent conference weeks of November 17-20, 2015 and March 1-4, 2016. The finding is based on California Education Code 46142 that requires a two-day average of no less than 240 instructional minutes for middle (junior) high schools encompassing grades 7 - 8.

With the legal assistance of Peter Fagen from the Law Offices of Fagen, Friedman, and Fulfrost, the District negotiated with ADTA during the 2014-2015 school year to have four minimum days of 180 minutes for each parent conference week. During negotiations, the presumption was that since the AESD is an elementary district, the District would meet California Education Code 46114 which allows for an average of 240 daily minutes stretched over ten days. However, this Education Code is specifically for elementary schools with grades TK – 6, or TK-8 (i.e. Bradach, Ted Vick). This resulted in the state not counting the four days as part of the 180 instructional days.

To address the miscalculation, the District has two options. First, the District can take the penalty for the “unaccounted” four days of instruction, which could cost around $300,000. The second option can be that the District provides the four days of instruction (240 minutes a day) after the regular school year ends (June 3, 5, 6, 7, 8). The second option would cost the district about a $100,000 or more.

For the 2016-2017 school year, the parent conference days have been separated in order to provide the required daily and annual instructional minutes. I will be presenting the above mentioned information to the Board of Trustees at our next scheduled Board meeting.

Have a great weekend,


West Creek Career Day

On March 23, West Creek hosted a Career Day for 5th and 6th grade students. We were honored to have law enforcement, firefighters, business owners and other skilled professionals talk to our students. Students rotated through the presentations of each speaker and asked questions about each person and their career. Speakers engaged the students by giving them insight which led to their career.

Adelanto Elementary School -Principal, Ramon Rizo


Task #1: We are back from Spring Break and ready to review all PBIS expectations at AES. We began this week with a PBIS assembly where we covered some very important reminders of Positive Behavior and just making good choices at school. The students were very receptive to this and behaved wonderfully in the auditorium. Go Cougars!

Task #2: Also this week we met as a PTA executive board and discussed end of year activities, membership, budget, and planning our next Scholastic Book Fair.

Task #3: We also met this week as a writing team and discussed our upcoming Renaissance event to culminate the writing efforts throughout this year. All students will have their own writing published and displayed on that evening (5/20/16).

Task #4: Our PBIS team also met this week to update our TFI (Tiered Fidelity Inventory), where we get to put an actual score on various PBIS processes that are going on within our school campus. This practice will shed light and understanding to how well we are implementing all Tiered efforts of PBIS. I’m glad to report that our scores continue to rise as we transition to yet another year of PBIS implementation. Go Cougars!!

Upcoming Events

Event #1: DELAC, Friday, April 8th

Event #2: College Day, Friday, April 15th

Bradach Elementary School -Principal, Julie Hirst


Task #1: Marketing the Message: Updated both the school website and the Facebook page on current events and academic activities around the school. Set up our Twitter account. We had a general election PTA meeting on Tuesday. I hold them in conjunction with the staff meetings so that all of our teachers can be present. See the bottom of this WIR for some of pictures posted to Facebook.

Task #2: High Expectations: Walked though classes and provided feedback on the yellow forms. I was happy with the level of student engagement, anchor charts, note taking and higher level thinking activities we saw. Mrs. Maynard is becoming an expert on the Daily Five: read to self, read to others, listen to reading, word work and writing and we will be having other K-3 teachers observe her practice. Introduced a matchbook summary strategy as a way to WICORize reading was excited to see it come into practice in two of our AVID classrooms. Trying something new with our misbehaving 3rd and 5th grade class. Jolly and Martinelli are sharing the kids and they are working on reading novels that promote character development, working on intervention and pushing those ready to move grade levels harder.

Task #3: College Readiness: Sent our 8th grade students to Adelanto High for a campus visit and to start the registration process. Our college of the month is USD. Leadership is on Friday morning. We will be completing our AVID Certification report at this meeting to submit to RIMS before our certification presentation on May 3rd.

Task #4: Effective Leadership/Instruction: Attended extended cabinet, SPED Pac, and management meeting. Held SART, PTA, ELAC and Team Integrity meetings. Reviewed cabinet notes at Team Integrity and held a discussion on the article we read in cabinet about strategic planning. Met with parents who had concerns on discipline and worked on the end of the year activities. Met with SPED to talk about SBAC/CAA/CAPA needs. Held the SBAC training meeting for grades 4-8. Began the closed cafeteria implementation, it went fairly smooth,

Upcoming Events

Event #1: RIMS AVID Conference on 4/12- Coop and I will be attending. I will be off campus.

Event #2: SBAC Testing starts 4/13

Event #3: Pawesome Assembly & Coffee with the Principal 4/29

Event #4: 3rd Grade Field Trip to Cal Earth

Event #5: 4th Grade Mindfulness field trip to John’s Incredible Pizza

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Columbia Middle School -Principal, Rich Upshaw


Task #1: PD CAASPP Testing Procedures

Task #2: Posting of SITE Openings

Task #3: Observation Industrial Tech-MLMS

Upcoming Events

Event #1: AVID Certification Meeting 4.18

Eagle Ranch Elementary School --Principal, Laura Ramos


Task #1: Our SPED team continues to work closely with administration to make sure all IEPs are current, scheduled, and held. We are continuing to work to maintain the 100% compliance rate. We are also working to make sure we are ready for CAASPP/Smarter Balance Testing.

Task #2: We completed CAASPP training for staff to prepare for testing.

Task #3: Student Attendance Review Meetings (SARTs) were held with parents and administration to improve student attendance.

Task #4: Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade students competed in grade level spelling bees.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: School Site Council will be held on Monday, April 11th at 2:00 p.m.

Event #2: Fourth Grade “Get Ahead Writing” Professional Development will be held on Thursday, April 14th

El Mirage School -- Dean, Vanessa Jones

Dr. Jones is now at Melva Davis

Melva Davis Academy of Excellenc Principal, Vanessa Jones


Task #1: We have 231 completed student applications. We also have 31 letters of recommendation that are awaiting the completed application packet.

Task #2: We are working with Land’s End School Outfitters to determine how to best address the needs of our student uniform policy.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: MDAE Informational Meeting Thursday April 14th – 5:30pm MPR

Event #2: Application Accepted at MDAE March 21 – April 20, 2016

Event #3: Letters of Acceptance mailed to selected students –

May 9-13, 2016

Event #3: Orientation for selected students and parents – May 23, 2016

George Magnet School Principal, Carol Coburn


Task #1: Nkechi Onyi, a fifth grade student, received the MECC student of the year award. She has been working on creating a solar oven with Mrs. Leming. She will be honored at a dinner at Spring Valley Lake Country Club on May 5, 2016, at 6:00 p.m.

Task #2: Teachers in grades 3-8 received state testing training. Teacher went online to review login information, looked at testing materials, discussed with grade level teams specific items related to their grade level about testing. I am confident that George teachers are prepared to administer the assessment.

Task #3: On walk-throughs this week, teachers are using the Go Math! Online resources to integrate technology into the lessons. TK and Kindergarten classrooms are starting their units on plants for science. The drama class is working on completing their film projects. The seventh grade students are writing essays using the online MyWrite piece of the Collections curriculum.

Task #4: The PBIS team met this week to begin working on the Check-in Check-out tier 2 behavior support. We will be selecting a few students to meet daily to check-in with an adult mentor about their behavior and/or academic concerns. At the end of the school day, they will meet again with the mentor to show them the daily progress report. This system was in place many years ago, but has not been used in recent years. Once in place, we will utilize this from the beginning of the school year.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: 8th grade field trip to Adelanto High School, April 8 at 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Event #2: Physical Fitness Testing for Grades 5 & 7 April 4-15

Event #3: 5-6th Grade CAASPP testing, April 11-15

Event #4: 7-8th Grade CAASPP testing April 18-22

Event #5: 3rd -4th Grades CAASPP testing April 25-29

Gus Franklin Jr. --Principal, Mina Blazy


Task #1: IEP meetings and initials completed - SDC

Task #2: Attended RIMS and judged Senior Chemistry projects - fun

Task #3: checking laptops for testing

Task #4: Worked with parents on students who are having negative behaviors.

Task #5: Met with parents regarding attendance and taking advantage of Saturday school

Task #6: working on requisitions to meet deadlines

Task #7: Interviewed teachers for 3rd and 5th grade position

Task #8: Posted position for 1st grade

Task #9: PBIS toured school

Task #10: looking at acceptance for kindergarten 2016-2017

Task #11: CAASPP training before spring break

Upcoming Events

Event #1: April 23rd noon- 4 pm Spring festival

It’s a gas to teach class – test drive will be here as well (fund raiser)

Event #2: PBIS – 6th grade interactive assembly

Event #3: March 9th Rio Tinto Mines field trip (6th grade)

Event #4: California Science Museum April 13th (3rd grade)

Event #5: UC-Riverside MESA Regionals in April – two students

Event #6: TK: event: April 29th - Grandparent's Celebration Day at 2:00p.m.

Event #7: SSC meeting April 21 changed

Event #8: May 6th - Mother's Day Tea Celebration at 2:00p.m.

Event # 9: May 27th - Father's Day - Day of Fun Celebration at 2:00p.m.

Event #10: May 31st - Water Fun Day - Celebrate in classroom and on kinder playground (all day event)

Event #11: June 1st – 5th and 6th grade water park field trip

Event #12: participating in Victor basketball tournament

Event #13: promotion May 30th 5th grade and June 2 6th grade

Event #14: April 8 – Happy birthday to me!....

Event #15: June 1st - Game Day - Kids bring games from home (morning) & Final Awards Assembly in my classroom at 2:00p.m.

Event #16: June 2nd - Movie Day - Celebrate the last day of school

Mesa Linda Middle School--Principal, Darlene Mossman


Task #1: Silverado High School IEP transfer meetings 4/4 – 4/8

Task #2: Leadership meeting 4/4/16

Task #3: Soccer at MLMS 4pm – 6pm 4/4/16

Task#4: IEP meetings through the week

Task #5: Manifest meeting 4/5/16

Task #6: Clerk III interviews 4/6/16

Task #7: Certificated interview for open positions

Task #8: Staff meeting for SBAC training 4/5/16

Task #9: ELAC and Coffee with the Principal 4/8/16

Upcoming Events

Event #1: I will be having eye surgery on Monday and will also be out on Tuesday

Event #2: IEPs 4/13/16

Event #3: SPED configuration meeting 4/14/16 @ 1pm – 5pm

Event #4: Awards evening 4/14/16

Event #5: Ren Rally for perfect 3rd quarter attendance 4/15/16

Morgan Kincaid School ---Principal, Kristen Cooper


Task #1: Coffee with the Principal. Topics covered included transitioning to middle school, 5th grade promotion and end of the year activities, and Melva Davis, as well as April calendar.

Task #2: The staff meeting included CAASPP training and benchmark discussions. Schedules and technology were secured to begin testing. I attended the benchmark planning meeting.

Task #3: I attended the PTSA monthly meeting. Final field trip plans were secured for all grade levels. Literacy Night was also discussed and further plans were made. We are finishing up our most recent community service project with Pennies for Pasta.

Task #4: I attended the CSEA negotiations prep meeting and will be at negotiations on Thursday

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Literacy Night – April 21st 5:00-7:00

Ted Vick School- Principal, Vikki Chavez


Task #1: Held SSTs for students.

Task #2: Gathered data for pre-testing data chats with students and teachers.

Task #3: Collaborated with teachers for AVID Certification.

Task #4: Collaborated with teachers during CABE Conference and planned summer school activities.

Task: 5: Met with city officials to look at traffic concerns on Seneca. It was a very productive meeting and they were able to see our concerns.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Three Little Pigs play tonight.

Event #2: Classroom Data Chats.

Victoria Magathan School -Principal, Sandra Loudermilk


Task #1: Our PBiS team presented at a behavior assemblies for all students and then they presented to teachers at the staff meeting. The information was well received by students and staff.

Task #2: I began the training for caaspp. I will review for teachers at the staff meeting on April 19. We seem to be in good shape with headphones and dividers for testing.

Task #3: Coffee with the principal was held on Friday. A lady representing Girl Scouts came to share information.

Task #4: We are continuing to see growth with our Lexia program. Teachers are tutoring after school and some are using the Lexia lessons to provide additional support.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: We will have our Book Fair next week.

Event #2: Our Girls’ Basketball team will host a scrimmage with Village Elementary.

Event #3: Our Family Skate Night will be next Friday from 4-6:30.

West Creek Elementary School -Principal Deborah Bowers


Task #1: High Expectations: Dr. Ron Powell presented information at our staff meeting. Many of our staff has expressed concerns about not knowing how to help our students who have severe behavioral issues. After attending the MTSS Symposium with Ruby Payne, staff members suggested having Dr. Powell present the information to the entire staff, so we did. He presented information about how some behaviors are manifested in our students and strategies to support students in improving their behaviors. On Wednesday, several teachers held community circles in their classrooms in which they allowed students the chance to explore how other students feel and students worked on ways to help each other make better behavior choices. The biggest point Dr. Powell made was the fact students need to feel a connection to their teacher or learning will never take place. In future meetings, we will explore some of the strategies teachers are using and how they are affecting student achievement.

Task #2: College and Career Readiness: For the last several months every Thursday is College Attire Day on our campus. Teachers take time to talk about different colleges and students proudly wear the college shirt or hat they support or want to attend. The other day, a student was receiving consequences for their actions when he asked me, “Are you putting this on my record? Because if you are, will it hurt my chances to get into college?” I asked if they planned on making the same poor choice again and he insisted they wouldn’t. I told the student I was going to keep the referral and if he made the same wrong choice, then I would enter it into Aeries. He informed me, “I won’t because I’m going to college and colleges look at all school records! Mine will be clean.”

Task #3: Effective Instruction: As we start the end of the school year, we are seeing more teachers using collaborative groups in the classroom. I believe every teacher uses groups in their classroom. The start of the week consisted of re-teaching expectations on the campus and in the classroom. Teachers understood they must re-visit the expectations because there was a week of the students not practicing the expectations. By taking a couple of minutes at the beginning of each day this week, students are reminded of the expectations and less time is wasted on inappropriate classroom behaviors.

Task #4:Marketing: West Creek is showcased on the district website for the Career Day we hosted before Spring Break. Thank you to Sandra Alamillo and Todd Behrmann for all their hard work on making the information available to the rest of the high desert. Our students, parents, and staff are extremely proud to say, “That’s our school!”

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Testing Spirit Week: April 11-15

Event #2: Awards Lunch: April 15 @11:00

Event #3: Testing: April 18-29

Westside Park Elementary School -Principal Sherelle Crawford


Task #1: PBIS – Students participated in PBIS assemblies and walk-thrus to review school-wide expectations. The weekly PBIS lesson helped students to understand expectations during transitions. Teachers and students are writing the scripts and rehearsing for the PBIS video that DMSelpa will record. Parent permission has been provided for these students to participate.

Task #2: Teachers completed training for the CAASPP testing. Practice testing is beginning this week. The schedule for CAASPP testing was provided to teachers. The testing folders provided by the Academic Services Department were very organized and helpful with the training.

Task #3: SST and IEP meetings were held to support student achievement.

Task #4: Field trips – Students attended field trips to the Lewis Center to learn about pioneers traveling West and the Gold Rush. Students also went to the LA Science Center to learn about the Endeavor Space Shuttle and engage in several interactive science learning centers about the ecosystem, the living world and space.

Task #5: Principal used the new AESD app to send an invite to parents for the Coffee with the Admin meeting scheduled for next week.

Task #6: SART meetings were held with parents to review attendance expectations and to sign the SART agreement. Parents were reminded that absences can be made up through Saturday School.

Task #7: Parents enjoyed the Loving Solutions Parent workshop.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Coffee with Admin, 4/11/16 9:15am

Event #2: CAASPP Testing Assembly, 4/11/16

Event #3: Loving Solutions Parent workshop – Spanish, 4/12/16

Event #4: Dentist at WSP, 4/14/16 and 4/15/16

Chief Academic Officer- Dr. Amy Nguyen-Hernandez


On Monday I met with our CPO, Director of Special Ed, 2 Psychologist, and one Coordinator of Curriculum to discuss our on-going plans with standardizing our District’s Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) for next year. We added and made changes to some of our original plans and I will be presenting this to a group of lead Principals for their feedback. By making MTSS and Assessment data review standardized as a district, we are confident that we will have continued student achievement progress and fewer special education referrals next year.

On Monday afternoon I met with the Director and the Coordinator of the SBCSS State Preschool program. Our CBO, Director of MOT, and a Coordinator of Curriculum and I walked two of our AESD campuses to gain their feedback on potential sites for the expansion of our Preschool Program. We are excited to be moving forward with plans to allow more students in our community to gain an educational experience earlier than Transitional Kindergarten or Kindergarten.

On Wednesday I completed a classroom visit to Mesa Linda’s Industrial Tech class with our Columbia and Melva Davis Principals. Both of the Principals were very impressed by the high level of student engagement and the content of the program. We are looking into the possibility of offering these learning modules at Columbia next year. I will be working with our Director of MOT, IT Manager, and CBO as we take the next steps in considering incorporating this program at Columbia.

On Wednesday I also met with the Principals at each of our middle schools to start planning a Middle School Campus Tour for the parents of our incoming 6th, 7th, and 8th graders next year. We are excited for our parents to see the great things which are happening on our middle school campuses and believe that this tour will help ease any concerns they may have regarding sending their kids to Columbia or Mesa Linda next year.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Friday, April 8- Task Force Study Model for African American Student Achievement in Rancho Cucamonga from 4 – 6 pm

Event #2: Sat, April 9- UCR School of Medicine Open House from 8 – 12 pm

Chief Business Officer- Mr. Ajay Mohindra


Task #1: Mr. Beal, Dr. Hernandez and I met with ADTA leadership team to update them on preschool and get their input as we move forward to open preschool in next school year.

Task #2: Dr. Hernandez, Mr. Anwar, Mr. Verdugo and I met with the County Preschool personnel and walked Bradach and West Creek School site to look at the classrooms if we district opened the preschool at those site what modifications may be needed if any.

Task #3: Dr. Gomez, Dr. Hernandez, Mr. Beal and I visited several school sites to see classroom instruction. Students were engaged

Task #4: Participated in the Maintenance, Operation and Transportation Secretary interviews. We had a good pool of internal candidates to select the best candidate for the position.

Task #5: District held its first negotiation session with CSEA and was part of the District negotiation team.

Chief Personnel Officer- Mr. Todd Beal


Task #1: Certificated

References on applicants from March 5th job fair are occurring. Site wide transfers are being sorted out and vacancy list is being updated. On April 9, 2016, we attended the Azusa Pacific job fair in order to continue to recruit new teachers. Contracted teachers for General Education and SAI continue to be processed for the 2015-2016 school year. Certificated substitute/guest teachers continue to be processed for the 2015-2016 school year. Substitute teacher coverage was at 99 percent even though there were school business absences all four days this week. Various other Personnel functions addressed on a daily basis.

Task #2: Classified

On April 4, 2016 the proctor training occurred. On April 5, 2016 the substitute proctor and substitute food service worker exams were given. On April 6, 2016 MOT Secretary and Clerk III transfer interviews occurred. On April 7, 2016 the Family Education Center Community Liaison Bilingual interview occurred and the substitute campus security and substitute custodian tests were given. Contracted classified employees continue to be processed for the 2015-2016 school year. Classified substitutes continue to be processed. Processing of volunteers for the 2015-16 year continues. Various other Personnel functions addressed on a daily basis.

Task #3: Risk Management

April 5- Site visit at Ted Vick with the Safe Route to School Task Force. Members from the City of VV and the City of Adelanto, Principal, and others met to access the safety concerns at the parking lot. We hope to have a follow up meeting with the City of Adelanto to discuss changes.

April 5 -CSEA Negotiations planning meeting.

April 6 - CSRM JPA Executive Board Meeting and our quarterly JPA Boar meeting to discuss rates and programs, etc. for 2016-17. Rates are based on payroll and claims experience.

April 7- CSEA Negotiations

April 8- Weekly Hot Topic workers' compensation claims review. I review open claims with our insurance carrier, York. This helps me keep a tight reign on helping the injured worker and moving the claims to closure.

Task #4: Child Welfare and Attendance

Our final count from the March session of Saturday School was 982 students. Our next session will be on April 23rd.

Our current enrollment is 8,504 students. This is our highest enrollment of the year.

CSEA Negotiations


ADTA Negotiations


Upcoming Events

Event #1: 4/14/2016 – CSUSB career fair

Event #2: 4/18/2016 – University of Montana career fair

Event #3: 4/20/2016 – University of New Mexico career fair

Event #4: 4/21/2016 – Cal State LA career fair

Special Education- Jennifer Johnson


Task 1: We had our Sped Pac STRONG meeting this week on Tuesday. The topic was Anti- Bullying. Mr. Livingston provided the families with a great presentation and at the end of the meeting there was plenty of great dialog and conversation between all of the parents.

Task 2: We had our Speech department meeting on Tuesday afternoon. We discussed the use of Talk Trac and plans for next year as well as assignments

Task 3: On Wednesday we participated in the DMSELPA BIP meeting to discuss revising the current BIP paperwork. I was able to take 4 of our school psychologist with me to the meeting.

Task 4: I worked on developing the I-movie for the Melva Davis site. I am hoping to have it completed and finalized by mid-May.

Task 5: Met with Speech staff and interpreter to discuss the implementation of bilingual speech assessments for next school year. We will now be looking into placing a order for bilingual assessment materials.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: County transition IEPs 04-12-16

Event #2: Psychologist Interviews 04-13-16

Event #3: Site Admin meetings 04-13-16, 04-14-16

Event #4: DMSELPA Steering Committee 04-15-16

Director of CNS- Delise Barringer

Out on Sick Leave

Director of Fiscal Services- Geta Woldie

Thumbs Up

Johnathon Rodriguez (IT Technology): Johnathon does an amazing job supporting our sites with their technology needs. Johnathon is attentive, hard working and provides excellent customer service.

Pictures of our AESD Basketball Teams

On March 21st and 22nd our Adelanto 5th and 6th grade basketball teams held a final four tournament to crown our 2016 champions. Games were held throughout the winter with the top four teams facing one another in the final tournament.

In the girls’ division Morgan Kincaid defeated Gus Franklin 39 to 15 to win the championship.

In the boys’ final Gus Franklin edged Morgan Kincaid 43 to 39 to take first place.

All of our teams that participated exhibited great sportsmanship and showed tremendous improvement. We would like to thank all the coaches and referees that have been working with our student athletes during the basketball season. We would also like to thank all of the families that came out to support our schools during the season.

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