August 2015 Recognition Newsletter

for Rachel Comstock's Jamberry Downline

A BIG WELCOME to our August New Consultants!

We had 27 new team members begin their Jamberry Journey in August!

Jennifer Spence, Jayne Cornell, Carol Schmitt, Barbara Flaherty, Tessa Winter, Susan Vansant, Donna Kirk, Lenore Poggioli, Erin Ludlow, Kimberly Bochmann, Allexas Kirchgessner, Beth Burton, Rosie Zwaduck, Becky Kline, Crystal Cunningham, Alana Bentley, Stephanie Haase, Courtney Garwood, Angela Decker, Tina Heller, Kathy Rudisill, Stephanie Elliott, Jackeline Frisby, Wendy Lauer, Rachel Jenkins, Alison Hylton, Glynnis Thompson - we are SO GLAD you decided to join us! :-)

August Rank Advancements

Great job setting goals, working hard, and achieving those goals!

Amy Decker - Team Manager --- Elizabeth Newton - Senior Lead Consultant

Jill Campbell - Senior Consultant --- Mycala Kaczorowski - Senior Consultant

Kimberly Bochmann - Advanced Consultant


Even MORE Amazing Things Happened in August!

What Summer Slump?

I am so proud all of you that have worked your business even through the slow summer months full of vacations and long summer evenings! We still had incredible numbers! Downline retail sales were $46,657 in June, $46,334 in July and $46,569 in August. Those are NOT low numbers! Way to go!

I have to give a shout out to Erin Creech and Melissa Moore on each having THREE recruits in August! Amy Decker, Jill Campbell, Kellie Muller, Kristin Coulson and Mycala Kaczorowski had TWO each!

We can't forget our ladies on track for Hawaii!!!

Amy Decker with 18, 788 points, Tina Kraipovich with 18,503 points, Ashley Mullen with 18,370 points, and Kristin Coulson with 18,160 points. I have no doubt that each of you can earn this trip with an incredible Fall and Holiday selling season!

Everyone, thank you for all your hard work and here's to a JAM-AZING September!

Rachel Comstock, Senior Executive

I began my Jamberry Journey in February of 2014. When I started with Jamberry I had NO idea of the financial blessing this business would be to my family as well as all of the amazing women and new friends I would meet along the way. Even though I don't know each of you personally, please feel to reach out to me if you ever need anything. I am more than happy to help in whatever way I can!