Poway High School Enrollment

2019-20 Enrollment Now Open

2019-20 Enrollment Now Open

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Address Lookup

If you aren't sure you live within the Poway High boundary, you can use this PUSD Address Lookup Tool. If you live outside our boundary, but still want to attend Poway High, start with the District Transfers section below.

Steps to Enroll a New Student


Available at http://www.powayusd.com/enrollment (Paper copies in the Counseling Office)

The packet includes the following:

  • New Student Enrollment Form
  • Signature Verification of Receipt of Documents/Release of Information
  • Request to Transfer Pupil Records
  • Student Health Information Form
  • Text Message Opt-In Form
  • Residency Verification and Checklist (See below for updates to the qualifications)


  • Birth Certificate
  • ID of Enrolling Parent/Guardian (that matches Birth Certificate or Court Documents)
  • Completed/Up-to-date Immunization Records (Tdap is also required for out of state/country students)
  • Two (2) proofs of residence (i.e. lease agreement, utility bill, current driver's license)
  • High School Transcripts -

- Incoming 9th grade students need their most current report card

- All other students need a high school transcript with all completed high school courses *Please note, the Request to Transfer Records does NOT include a transcript or report card. A transcript is required for proper course placement.


  • Custody/Guardianship Documents (must be notarized)
  • Copy of current IEP or 504 Plan (*Please note: Delay in receiving an IEP can mean placement in regular education until it is received.)
  • Intra/Inter-District Transfer Approval (See below for Transfer process/Application Dates)
  • Students coming from foreign countries must bring a transcript for all courses equivalent to High School and school documentation stating how long the courses lasted, how many sessions per week, and how long a session lasted (instructional minutes). If not in English, all school documentation, birth certificates, and immunization records must be officially translated before we can accept them. All students from foreign countries should have F-1 Visas


Counseling Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 3:00 pm on School Days

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Residency Verification

Accepted forms of Residency Verification:

  • Deed to Home
  • Mortgage Payment Receipts or Coupons
  • Escrow Papers for New Home
  • Property Tax Receipt
  • Current Bill from Local Utility Company, including Cable TV
  • Driver's License
  • Military Orders (Base Housing Office Written Verification)
  • Rental Agreement
  • Rent Receipt
  • Bank Statement
  • Any other Legal Document(s) which establish home address within school boundaries

If a second party is providing residence verification, they are required to provide their two (2) proofs of residence in person, with a valid form of identification.

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Inter/Intra-District Transfers (IDTs)

Intra-District Transfers:

If you live in the Poway Unified School District boundary, but don't live within the Poway High School boundary, and want to attend Poway High, you will need to apply for an Intra-District Transfer. You can use the District Address Lookup Tool to check. Application for Intra-District Transfers are found on the District Website. For the 2018-19 school year, applications are available now. For enrollment during the 2019-20 school year, applications won't be available until February 2019. To get an answer BEFORE the 2019-20 school year begins, you will need to apply for the transfer before Friday, May 31, 2019.

Inter-District Transfers:

If you live outside the Poway Unified School District boundary and want to attend Poway High, you will need to apply for an Inter-District Transfer. If your request is for the current school year, applications are answered within 30 days of submission. If your request is for the 2019-20 school year, applications will be answered within 14 days of the first day of school. Applications will be available on the district website starting in February 2019.

Once an IDT has been approved, you will need to complete the four enrollment steps above. For more information and for the applications, visit the PUSD Transfers Page.

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Trimester Challenges

We are a public school, so we offer FAPE (free appropriate public education). What that means: you can enroll a student who lives in our boundaries at any time during the school year. What that doesn't guarantee: that your student will be able to keep or earn credits for their semester/trimester/quarter from another school.

Poway High School is on a Trimester/3-by-5 system. Students can take 5 classes per day, 3 trimesters a year. What that means: You can finish a full "year" of a subject in 2 Trimesters. This is generally great for students and gives them more opportunities for advancement or remediation.

However, if you are transferring to us from a semester or quarter school mid-year, it can be complicated and confusing.

Our Trimesters are divided as such:

Tri 1: August - November.

Tri 2: November - March

Tri 3: March - June

There are a couple of ways you can minimize the impact of losing credits to a mid-year transfer.

  • If your student is close to finishing a semester/quarter at their previous school, find out if they can finish and earn their credits BEFORE withdrawing.
  • If you have to leave before your student's credits are earned, ask the previous school to give you Leaving Grades with the percentage earned, as well as a full high school transcript. This is very important.
  • Check our website to see if the courses your student is currently enrolled in are available at our school. Direct transfers have a better chance of earning credit.

This process is especially tricky at the winter break because students who transfer from a school that ended their semester in January, will arrive to us in the middle of a trimester. It is not uncommon for students to spend the rest of the trimester auditing a class instead of earning credits because we are too far into the trimester to add a new class.

For freshmen and sophomores, a mid-year transfer is easily overcome with our trimester system, because they can make up classes they might lose. For juniors, losing classes can be more problematic. For senior students who are short on credits, a mid-year transfer can mean the difference between graduating and not. We try to help students get the credits they have earned, but if we see a possible obstacle to graduation, we will let you know.


For returning students, Registration is now Online. Parents are able to register all of their children at one time, even if they attend different schools! To register your students, you will need your User ID and Password for your Synergy/MyPlan/ParentVUE account. You can find more information on completing Online Registration here.

All students should still plan to attend a registration day the week before school starts in the fall. Tentative Dates/Times as follows:

Monday 8/12 - Junior and Senior Registration, 1:00 - 5:00 pm

Tuesday 8/13 - Sophomore Registration, 1:30 - 5:00 pm

Wednesday 8/14 - Freshman Registration, 1:30 - 5:00 pm

Thursday 8/15 - Makeup Registration, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

At registration, students will update documents, receive a list of classes (this is not their official schedule), their textbooks, and student IDs. Parent signatures are required on forms, so you may want to attend with your student. They will also be able to purchase items like yearbooks, PE clothes, ASB Stickers, and locks for lockers.

If a student is unable to attend registration, they will have to complete the process at the Attendance Office on the first day they start school before attending class. Parent signatures are required on forms and students won't be able to attend class until this process is complete.

Freshman Orientation

All incoming 9th Graders are invited to attend Freshman Orientation on the Friday before school starts. More information when it becomes available.

New Student Orientation

Peer Counseling offers an orientation for all new students to Poway High. It is usually held the day before school starts. More information when it becomes available.

PHS Counseling


A - Dom: Christy Brown

Don - Kon: Jerrah Smith

Koo - Ramj: Blanca Arreguin

Ramk - Z: Jerilyn Padua-Reyes

Student Services: Joanie Lopez and Karly Wardwell

Support Staff

Counseling Assistant: Jodie Hughes

Career and Guidance Technician: Jaime Brown

Registrar: Michelle Bourget

Scheduler: Barbara Longworth


Assistant Principals:

A-F: Colin Young

G-M: Brianne Froumis

N-Z: Aaron Little


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