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Andrew Carnegie was born in November 25, 1835.

Andrew Carnegie had 3 kids there names where Margaret, Carnegie and Miller.

he died on august 11, 1919.

Andrew Carnegie had a wife.

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Andrew Carnigie is a VIP because........

Andrew carnigie is a VIP because he stated oil companies and steel and with the steel he builds iron briges!!and they say that he is rich and wethey. when he died he made a lot of money because he had so many oil and steel componys.I WONT TOBE AS WETHEY AS HE USE TO BE!!!

he is most known for......

Andrew Carnigie was most known for leeding us to the enormous expasion of the american steel in the late 19 sentreys.his life story is one of the MOST FAMOUS rags-to-riches accounts in the united states history. He was born poor and them became vary rich becuse he bought all of the stell indrestes in the world Andrew Carnegie was the only stell enjestey that you could go to.