FETCH! Lunch Rush

Augmented Reality App

How Does It Work?

This app involves using "triggers" in the form of QR codes placed around a classroom. Students solve addition and subtraction problems on an iPad or iPhone screen and scan the code with the correct answer above it. "Sushi" pieces will appear on the screen to allow students to check their work. They tap the sushi if it is correct and a new problem will appear.


-App has multiple levels for differentiation among students.

-App has individual, group, and competitive modes.

-Same game pieces no matter what level or mode.

-Easy to use for younger students.

-Fun images and game concept (filling lunch orders with flying sushi).

-Students are moving and engaged in the activity.

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Concerns & Changes

-App can crash on newer iOS updates.

-Work cannot be saved - game starts over each time.

-Needs more difficult levels (possibly multiplication or division) to be able to be used by older students.

-Cannot easily access certain types of problems - only easy and hard level options.

Educational Uses

-Easy for small group math centers

-Practice for different levels of skills including basic addition and subtraction as well as missing addend style problems.

-Problems get harder as the app continues through the game without the teacher having to adjust it, which means differentiation is easy and simple.