Wildcat Robot:

My Robotics Assessment

Hi today i will being giving you information on the Wildcat Robot that I am currently reseaching on in 9AIT.

Type of Robot:Military Robot

I will provide the image link address for all images

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Main Purpose:

Describe its main purpose

· The main purpose is to help the society and military forces with heavy weight carrying and transportation.

· Carrying Weapons, Cargo, Medical Supplies, Ordinary Supplies, Wounded Soldiers.

· Scouting Areas.


· It looks like a big bull robot with spider legs and about 5ft tall.

· It can run up to 16 miles per hour

· Weight 500kg

· Has an engine (Petrol.)

· It is made out of medal and carbon fibre because it strong and hard to damage.

· It has a frame work because no covering (Easy To Fix)


· Help with the Heavy Lifting and Carrying.

· Scout the area and save soldiers lives.

· Benefits soldiers so they don’t get so tired and can worry about the fighting.

Why the robot makes a huge difference to society:

· They will lose less soldiers so more population and fewer deaths.

· Benefits families who lose who they love in war.