St. John-Emmanuel Lutheran School

May 16, 2017

SJE's mission is to "Share Christ through Academic Excellence"

This Year's Theme: "do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” Philippians 4:6

Calendar of Events

May 12-16- 8th Graders to DC

May 23- Field Day 11am to end of day

May 23- 8th Grade Graduation St John Flatrock 7pm
May 24- Last day of school/Closing Chapel @ Flatrock (baptismal remembrance as well for May and June) @ 1:00pm

Pack Lunch Days

  • Thursday May 18th will be a pack day for the Soest campus only.

Field Day and Closing Chapel

Field Day and Closing chapel are coming up quickly! Here is an overview of how those days will run.

Field Day:

The Soest kids will be bussed over to Flatrock and be there about 11am. They'll get lunch and the games will begin at noon and run until about 2:15pm. Dismissal will run as follows: Flatrock bus kids will leave same as they always do out the back door. Soest bus kids will be picked up by their bus in front of the gym. ALL car riders will be dismissed from the front door. If you are picking up your student, please be aware the car line will be long. Do your best to stay off Franke Rd by using the driveway in front of the church to line up.

Closing Chapel:

Once again the Soest kids will be bussed over to arrive just before 1pm chapel. Closing chapel and baptismal remembrance chapel will be combined. We will recognize May and June baptismal birthdays. We will also be handing out end of year awards. Parents and grandparents etc are invited to attend chapel with us! Once we're done, All kids will go back to their buddy's classroom for dismissal. Parents may take their child from the classroom once their teacher has been informed. Dismissal for the rest will be just like the day before with Flatrock bus leaving as usual, Soest bus kids via the front of the gym and ALL car riders via the front door.

Summer Math Resource

I just read a study on how to help kids with their math sense and literacy. The bottom line of the study says that having short daily conversations with your kids and/or giving them exposure to math in the real world makes a big difference to their confidence (and performance) level in math when they are in school. A possible resource for you in that regard is an iPad app called Bedtime Math. They do not list an age/grade level but would guess based on what I read it would be Pre-k to 3rd grade. They also have a website and the link is here.

17-18 Enrollment Continues!

We are offering tours from now through the summer.. If you are interested in enrolling your child(ren) at SJE for next year, or know someone who is, please contact Axel Gruen at 260-639-0123 or email to

16-17 8th Grade Class's Last Month

This month marks the last 18 days for the 8th graders. Next year they will all be Freshmen at either Heritage or Concordia HS (Garrett). SJE wishes them the very best on their next adventure and to enjoy the last days at SJE. God's richest blessings to you all!!

SJE Preparing for Re-Accreditation

SJE's NLSA accreditation expires on August 31, 2018. We are in the process of, and have just applied for re-accreditation. As some of you know, this will take the work of many hands. The school faculty and staff as well as the school board are automatically involved. We are beginning to look for school parents as well as members from both churches to serve on committees. I would love to have all the names I need by the time summer hits. If you are interested in serving in the accreditation process, please email me at

SJE Endowment

The SJE endowment fund has been around for some time. It is finally at a point that the school can begin using it. That means more now than ever before. contributions made to this fund, make a difference. Also, at the beginning of this school year, the Lutheran Foundation ties grant funds the school receives to donations made to our endowment. In other words, every dollar donated to the SJE endowment is, one, matched into our endowment and, second is a dollar available for the school via the day school grant. In the past that amount has averaged $23,000 each school year. The funds were used for technology upgrades as well as any other classroom or school needs.

This grant, and the endowment fund have become very valuable to the school. So, please consider giving to our endowment fund by June 1st so that the school has money to apply for to be used in the 17-18 school year and long term from our endowment fund. Below is a video explaining the benefits. If you have any questions about the endowment, please contact Axel Gruen in the school office at 260-639-0123 or email to

Endowments Explained-The Lutheran Schools Partnership