We are in this TOGETHER!

Parenting + Remote Learning 2020-21

Principal DiNatale's Message

Dear Makowski Families,

The reopening of schools for hybrid learning continues to be re-evaluated by the district officials. Until that time the schools will continue to offer a remote only program. Conversations are being held throughout the district regarding reopening and how this might look when we start bring our children back to the buildings.

This is a long, complicated process and something to not take lightly. Many components have to be taken into consideration before moving forward. We had our first "Parent Town Hall" meeting last evening to share information with our Makowski Families. Your voices, questions and concerns are also being taken into consideration as well. Our decision will be made based on what is best for our Makowski students at this time.

In the meantime, we continue working virtually. Our teachers and staff continue to be committed in providing students and families a comprehensive International educational program for our students.

We are in this together! We are here to support you!

Do not hesitate to reach out to the school or the individual classroom teacher.


Dawn DiNatale

Makowski School Principal




NOVEMBER 26TH-27TH, Thanksgiving Break, NO SCHOOL

NOVEMBER 23RD-DECEMBER 4TH, Parent Teacher Conferences, appointments made with teachers

"Distance" Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent teacher conferences will look a little different this year due to our virtual learning at home.

Teachers will be contacting you to set up times to meet online during the weeks of November 23 to December 4th. You will be able to schedule a date and time to meet with the teacher. There will also be an evening session for those who may not be available during the day. Teachers will be contacting you with this information as well.

Look for additional information from the teachers in the upcoming weeks.

Distance "Trick or Treat" Ideas

This year, trick or treat may look a little different. Due to Covid, there are alternative options to get your little ones out there.

Below are links to resources that provide dates and locations as well as alternative ideas to get your little ones engaged in Halloween this year!

Halloween and COVID-19: Tips for Staying Safe


10 Tips for Staying Safe in the Era of COVID-19

We Need to Have a Little Break but........It's Not Over Yet Folks!

It's not over yet, folks...

If you live in an area where schools are reopening remotely, or you're choosing to have your child learn remotely, it's a good time to survey anew your home routines, work spaces, and screen limits. This newsletter offers curated resources for managing the pandemic-enforced school/home merger. Good luck and don't forget to breathe!

1) Taking Care of You:

Thinking through how to manage your time.

While we're not quite in quarantine anymore, with kids staying home and parents working from home, it can still feel as if we are. This article offers helpful tips for managing your time.

2) Supporting your kids through these challenging days:

An opportunity to help kids develop inner strength

This article gives helpful tips for nurturing kids' resiliency -- yes, we're all missing out on A LOT, but let's offer other ways to think about it all.

Toddlers are one thing; teenagers another...

This article gives some good tips for how to give teenagers their space when it feels like we're all stuck in one room, together.

3) Getting your kids to help out: