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Organizing Math Assignments

While grading quizzes this weekend, I've realized that, although I've spend a lot of time and reminders on assignment headings, I've not spent enough time on assignment organization. So, I've written up a page that I will give the students. In Math, I believe that it's extremely important to be organized and clear--to avoid careless mistakes and prepare for advanced math classes. If a student does not follow these expectations, I will reject the assignment until it's rewritten or corrected.

Estimating Sums & Differences Quiz Retake - Sep 11

This weekend, I've graded the quizzes and written many, many corrections and reminders. If a student failed the quiz, I will staple the quiz and a retake note on his/her communicator. This year, when a student fails a quiz, they will have the opportunity to retake it. Below, you'll find the retake note.

Multiplication Quiz - Sep 11

On Friday, we will take a Multiplication Quiz, which will include Estimation and four methods of finding products (Traditional, Partial Product, Box, and Lattice). The students practiced the methods on Friday and will continue to practice this week. It's important to know other ways of multiplying for the STAAR test. In the past, it has included non-traditional methods in the problems and answer choices. Below, I'll include a note and videos. I've also added the videos to my school webpage (www.aisd.net/west --> Faculty --> Fifth Grade --> Mr Miller).