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By:Karla,Andrea,Emily,and Jordan

Pro-Choice Or Pro-Life

Why I Am Pro-Choice

ABORTION an eight letter word that has caused outrage among our states,and divided our nation into two sides pro-life or pro-choice.

Abortion is a very controversial topic.It has been the theme of various political and religious debates.Some argue that it’s a sin others argue that it violates the childs rights.Is abortion right? Is it wrong? In my opinion there is no right answer it all depends on the mother’s views and what she chooses to do with her body.I am a woman and I’m pro-choice.I believe that women should decide whether they bring a child into this world or not.This is an intimate decision that should be made by the mother of the child and shouldn’t be influenced by others.Society shouldn’t have rights over a woman's body.

Being pro-choice is all about being understanding,open minded,and aware of the struggles of other women.We have to understand that we live in a world that is not perfect.A world where women's hunger,poverty,and homelessness rates increase every day.We have to be aware that some women and teenage girls are in difficult financial and emotional situations.And lastly we have to wake up and realize that some men simply run away when they hear the words “I’m pregnant” and might not want to have anything to do with that child.Then again this is not everybodys case some women have abortions because their pregnancies interfere with their professional lives or its simply because its not the right timing.In these cases I still stand firmly on my belief that its up to the mother whether she keeps the child or not.

What never ceases to amaze me is the amount of people who are against abortion in other words pro-life.I’m honestly shocked and very confused by this. How can people be so closed minded and not see the bigger picture?

A person who is pro-life always argues that there are other options such as adoption.When they make this argument it is actually really insulting.They expect a mother to carry a child in her womb for nine months and not feel it kick,move,or get attached to the baby.As if the mother was some kind of heartless monster with no feelings.They aren’t in the mother's position they don’t know the circumstances that lead them to have an abortion.

They choose not to look at a mothers circumstances, but only at the fact that they had an abortion.God forbid anti-abortion activists catch women coming out of Planned Parenthood because if they do the screaming seems never ending all they do is yell “baby killer” and if they are just that unlucky they throw things at their cars.They don’t seem to understand that people have different beliefs and opinions on abortion.

This debate has gone on for far too long and the truth is I’m sick of it.Why can’t we just let women make the choice after all it affects their lives directly. They are the ones who will have to wake up for the midnight feedings and change the child's diapers.It will be the parents responsibility to care for another life and in case you didn’t know thats like having a full time job.Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think either of us will be there helping to raise that child.So before even choosing a position in this debate please consider that unless you plan on helping out every women who is considering to have an abortion don’t be so quick to judge.

Sometimes things that are of our reach happen that incapacitate us to care for another life thats not our own. It would be selfish to bring a child into this world when you know you are not in the best situation and when you know that baby will not be your top priority.In an ideal world that horrible eight letter word wouldn’t exist.All moms would have their babies without having second thoughts and they would never have to struggle,but like I said the world we live in is no where near perfect.

Response To "Why I Am Pro-Choice

Dear, anonymous editor of “Why I am pro-choice”,

I read your article “Why I am pro-choice” and I couldn’t agree more with your point of view.

I’m also pro-choice and have your same beliefs. I don’t think women should bring children into this world unless they really do want them. A child should be desired,cherished,and above all loved, and shouldn’t be brought into this world only out of obligation. Like you said some people who are against abortion don’t see the bigger picture,they don’t think about the future and quality of life the child will have. Will the child be loved or neglected? Will the mother have enough resources to care for this unplanned child? Will the mother treat the child as blessing in disguise or a burden? Those are the questions those “close minded” people don’t ask themselves,they just want women to keep the child because doing otherwise would be morally wrong.

I don’t think it’s fair to the mother to have to deal with a baby that could affect her life drastically if she’s not ready. There are many different situations that could be the reason of a woman's choice to abort her child. As you stated people just need to understand what the mother could be going through. She could be going through the most important time in her life that could affect her whole future and a baby is probably not the best thing that could happen at the time. It could be the climax of her life and because babies are so expensive it could bring down her goals and dreams. I think it is wrong for people to judge the mothers that have abortions because they don’t know what situations the mother was going through.

People seem to look down on mothers who abort their child because they see it as killing a baby. When it’s really a mother deciding what she wants to do with her life. Like you said people just need to keep in mind what the mother is going through ,and how they feel about a having a child. Im glad we can both agree on this topic.

Sincerely, Jordan

It’s A Child Not A Choice

The level of ignorance of some men and women amazes me. How is it that in 2013 men and women are still have trouble linking sex with having a baby. It’s a fairly simple concept, if you have sex whether you are using contraceptives or not you can possibly get pregnant. It doesn’t matter whether you're a teen or an adult, If you thought you were mature enough to have sex you obviously taught you could handle the consequences.

I guess the real question here is, when did it become socially acceptable for mothers to murder their own babies? Yes,I said murder because that’s exactly what it is. Pro-life activist defend women who choose to abort and support their decisions by claiming “It’s their body and they can do whatever they want with it.” In my eyes there will never be a good enough justification for denying a child the right to live, it’s such an inhumane thing to do.Getting rid of a child simply because of the parents carelessness,lack of interest, or because having a child would be inconvenient. You made a choice know face the consequences.

What angers me is that women don’t take precautions ,If a woman is sexually active and has no desire to have a child the first they should think about is how can they avoid becoming pregnant.There are many contraceptives out there such as birth control,shots,and even the day after pill. Women should educate themselves on contraceptives ,because this can ultimately prevent an unwanted pregnancy,and abortion.

Before an abortion procedure can be done the doctor has to look for a heartbeat in an ultrasound.I think a mother has to be really cold and heartless to listen to that strong heartbeat of the child who is basically yelling “momma, I want to live” and still go through with the procedure.Women who abort are nothing more than a bunch of cowards they murder a child who has no voice and can’t stand up for himself/herself. Don’t they ever think that the little human who is in their womb can be somebody else's happiness.

I understand that sometimes even when using contraceptives a woman can become pregnant and that wanting to keep the child just isn’t enough because you lack resources. However there are many options such as an open or closed adoptions.There are many people who want kids desperately,but sadly can’t conceive them.Women who don’t want their babies should give them to families who can care and treasure them as their own.

I know that giving up a child for adoption is no easy task it can be emotionally devastating, because during those nine months you develop a bond with your child even if it’s against your will. I can only imagine how it would feel to hand off your child to complete strangers and hope they take care of your child ,but an abortion isn’t any less painful it can be not only emotionally devastating,but can also be physically damaging. Women can get infections,a damaged uterus,and even die from an abortion.

Sometimes in life we have to own up to the consequences of our actions. In this particular case women have to face the consequences of unplanned pregnancies , and realize that the decision they make will affect them for the rest of their lives. If they choose to terminate the pregnancy they are putting their health at risk and not only that ,but an abortion can emotionally come back and haunt them later on in life.They will think about how life could have been different if they would have kept their little angel or they will simply have deep regret.On the other hand some women won’t feel any remorse and won’t even look back,but I guess those women take pride in being murderers.

Who Says You Can’t Choose

Who gives you the right to deny a mother of her decisions? When did we stop being the land of the free, and become an America full of discrimination. None of us have a right to judge any souls. This land was created for the people, so since these women are people I say let them abort. You never know if this decision can actually be a good thing.

The reason I feel so passionate about this is, because you never know the situation. There are tons of people who truly are not fit to be moms. “Well maybe they should stop having kids, or use protection”, you might say. Well I agree with that, but your words don’t stop the inevitable. Now society gives you the common since to put these kids in homes. What they don’t tell you is these homes have a high possibility to be worse than living with the mom. Often kids are physically and sexually abused while being starved, and miss treated. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t even wish this on my worst enemy let alone an innocent child.

Another thing is you got to let people make their own mistakes. I know that abortion isn’t like marring the wrong guy, or breaking a vase but it’s still something for them to go through. In life you can only force so much before it doesn’t register any more. That’s why giving a women the right is a good choice. As much as life lets you appreciate life, so does death in its own right.

There are a million other reasons I could spout out to you, but the bottom line is no matter whom you are, you are no God. Making others decisions for them is not your job. What you might call helping others can see as a hindrance to their existences. Letting abortion stay legal is the right thing to do.

The Big Debate

What’s Right And What’s Wrong

Today’s society is filled with all types of crazy things, from stilling to increased violence and now abortion. What happened to values people, or did that to get tossed out by these new school ideals. Abortion is wrong no matter what angle you look at it from. If a mom has a choice to create and destroy, why doesn’t a baby have a say whether they live or die.

Let’s look at some facts here. In science class they teach you that if you are eating, and growing you are considered a living thing. Well a fetus as you put it is growing, and consuming nutrition to be strong. Going in the womb and ripping them out, is the same as uprooting a tree. No matter what fancy new science you introduce abortion is still killing. Not only are you taking a life, but you are also hurting a mother. Even though we all have choices, sometimes we make mistakes. So we need to help them in the right direction. You wouldn’t let a person keep touching fire if you knew it hurt, so why let a person throw away a life?

Then what kind of message are we sending to kids. Teen pregnancies are getting higher, and higher. Why do you think this is? This is because we don’t value life. We go around advertising that if you get pregnant, as long as you have at least two hundred dollars you can act as if it never happened. As crazy as it sounds teens are very impressionable. First they had crazy clothes, then weird language, and now self- harming life styles. Do you really think it to be impossible now?

Let’s come together as a country, and realize the down fall of this idea. We are all given an unalienable right to live. Even though you made a mistake you still need to take the consequence. Once a man named Dr. Sues said "we are all people through, and through no matter how small." If kids and a man who writes their books can get it, then why does it seem we can’t?

You Named Me No One - Abortion

Response To What’s Right And What’s Wrong

Dear,author of “what’s right and what’s wrong”

I have read you article “What’s right and what’s wrong?” and it seems to me we share the same point of view. I am completely against abortion is morally and religiously wrong,but what frustrates me the most is that some people can’t see why having abortion is wrong.They don’t understand that an abortion means killing a defenseless child.

Like you said through our actions we are letting the younger generations think that abortion is normal and that nothing is wrong with it,and that’s not okay.Teens should realize that a child's life is sacred and that nobody should take it away just because the pregnancy was a “mistake.” People should also realize that no matter the situation they are abortion can always be avoided and that is not the answer.There are other options and most importantly there is always pregnancy prevention methods.

Some people like to believe that a fetus is just a fetus and not a person,but they are wrong a child's life begins at conception.We need to be the voices for the defenceless children who can’t speak for themselves and stand up for their rights. Im glad to see that both of us share the same thoughts and most importantly i’m glad we are both pro-life.



My favorite hobby is killing babies. Isn’t it so much fun just ripping them up and smashing them real good? My favorite part is seeing the facial expression on the mothers while a tiny human being is being extracted from their womb. Keeping a baby in a tiny container the best idea ever right?

I feel the government should make a special holiday for abortion. I can see it now kids all over the states, getting pregnant and not respecting life. I bet we’d get a lot of tax money from all the girls that come out pregnant every week. We are in a recession after all. What we need is less people being born to help produce more money. On top of that I bet all the other countries would be so jealous, like the Middle East and China. America has wanted to be like them for years, now we shall be the prime example of self-harm to your country. To make it even more fun we will give out discounts if it’s a girl. Man Iran would have nothing on us.

Passing these laws could even change baby showers, and school. In health instead of teaching boring things like, how to give nutrients to the body, let’s talk about how to make sure you can have an abortion on time. We could even have the history of abortion 101. Man that would sure make me wants to stay in school. At a baby shower instead of boring old gifts like, tickets to the spa, you can give them an all expenses payed ticket to an abortion clinic.

In the end abortion gives more life to living people. If you don’t want to be fat or ugly, or even have responsibilities just get an abortion. In the end you’re not hurting yourself just some blob you never even met yet. So do the world a favor and help keep it legal.

The Life Or Death Game