Port Susan Middle 09.18.22

Student & Family Update

Good morning!

As we continue to work on consistency within in our school with protocols and expectations for all students to feel empowered to learn as they embrace the diversity of others, communication is key. Thank you for your continued support and please reach out if you ever have questions, concerns, and/or strategies that you feel we could add that would support our students.

The more parents and teacher share techniques and information, values and goals, the better off adolescents are because that helps them build a solid foundation from which to launch.

- Happy, Healthy Teens by Kari O'Driscoll

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As we went through classrooms this week, the use of our red, yellow, and green light system for chromebooks is a clear display of our common expectations. It is nice for students to use this system as they prepare for the lesson right away when they enter the classroom. This along with the consistency of using the entire class period for learning has been going very well. The students know not to line up at the door and it's not the bell that is dismissal, but the teacher.

As we continue to work on strategies for student growth on our AAP, using protocols building wide will be our focus. This work will include student growth towards academic standards as well.

Making Kindness Normal

This week in advisory, we shared Character Strong's Co-Founder, Houston Kraft's message. He talks about why Kindness needs to be more normal in our lives and our world. If you have time to review this message, it could be a great conversation starter with your student.
VIRTUAL ASSEMBLY: Houston Kraft - Making Kindness Normal (Kindness)
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ID Cards/Picture Day

All students & staff had their school picture taken on Friday. If you were absent, there will be a retake day in October 28th. We have organized all ID & ASB cards to be delivered to 6th period teachers tomorrow (Monday, September 19th). These pictures will also be used for our yearbook at the end of the school year.

Knights Gear Fundraiser!!

Port Susan Middle School PTO has put together an opportunity for families to purchase some school attire. Please use the link below to get a shirt, sweatshirt, or other apparel.


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Evacuation Drill

Staff and students at Port Susan Middle School conducted an evacuation drill this past week. We will conduct drills periodically to practice our emergency procedures throughout the school year. In addition to our building alert system, we also used the Rave911 alert system that is set up district wide. The data and information available within Rave’s 911 Response solution helps first responders better prepare for the unknown and greatly accelerate response times during emergencies.

Reminder: Routines & Procedures

Hallway Safety

We ask that all hats are worn backwards and hoods are off as students transition from class to class so that we can easily identify students in the hallway &/or on our cameras as needed.

Morning routine

  • Be in the foyer or the cafeteria until 7:25

  • 7:25 - Dismissed to 1st period, but can stay in cafeteria or foyer until 7:35

  • 7:35 - All students go to 1st period

  • No wandering halls at any time

Bell - What does the bell mean?

  • The bell rings at the end of class time but the teacher will dismiss.

  • You go immediately to your next class,

  • Reminder: If you need to use the bathroom check in with your teacher first to get a pass

  • Students should not line up at the door at the end of class

Snacks - When can you have snacks? (teacher choice)

  • During advisory and/or with teacher permission

  • Snacks need to be allergy aware

Liquids/Drinks - What do you need to have in order to drink in the hallway/classroom?

  • Your drink needs to be in a leak proof container

Cell Phones & AirPods (or wireless headphones)

  • We have asked that if students have a cell phone and/or AirPods, they leave them in their backpack silenced &/or off throughout the school day.

End of day dismissal - When do you leave school?

  • Everyone leaves at 2:10 pm and exit out front doors

  • Where do you go?

    • Walkers leave campus - YMCA walkers go through back gate

    • Pick up - go to side parking lot to find your ride

    • Bus - go to your bus line and wait respectfully

Homework Folders

A reminder to encourage your student to use the royal blue homework folders as an organizational tool for at home assignments or in class assignments that need to be finished. We encourage the blue folder to be checked every evening for any work that could be completed and/or discussed.

Week of 09/19 through 09/23


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Social/Emotional Advisory Lesson


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Academic Focus Advisory

Soccer vs Mt Baker


Late Start 9a.m. start schedule


*Spirit Day: See below

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Academic Focus Advisory

Soccer vs N. Whidbey

XC @ Skagit


Regular Schedule

Academic Focus Advisory

Linked below are previous communications. Please continue to reach out with any questions you have. You can email me directly (calmanza@stanwood.wednet.edu) or call our office at 360.629.1360 - we appreciate it!

August 21st

August 28th

September 4th

September 11th

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District Information

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Cherae Almanza, Principal calmanza@stanwood.wednet.edu

Crysty Auckland, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director cauckland@stanwood.wednet.edu

Teacher Emails

Dave Austin (6-8 Fitness & 6 Leadership) daustin@stanwood.wednet.edu

Jonathan Bletscher (6-8 Band) jbletscher@stanwood.wednet.edu

Joan Campbell (6-7 Math) jcampbell@stanwood.wednet.edu

Tamara Pedersen (6-7 Math) tpedersen@stanwood.wednet.edu

Lori Stunz (7 ELA & 6-8 Art) lstunz@stanwood.wednet.edu

Grace Gale (6 Science & 6-8 STEM/Robotics) GGale@stanwood.wednet.edu

Sub for Grace Gale is Jeffrey Trammell jtrammell@stanwood.wednet.edu

Chelsea Hanson (6-8 ELA/Humanities) CHanson@stanwood.wednet.edu

Nate Hanson (6-8 Computers/Digital Effects) nhanson@stanwood.wednet.edu

Audrie Harrington (6/7 ELA & 7/8 Leadership) aharrington@stanwood.wednet.edu

Joshua Keaton (7/8 History) jkeaton@stanwood.wednet.edu

Seth Hills (6 Social Studies) shills@stanwood.wednet.edu

Selena Wyman (guest teacher for Seth Hills) swyman@stanwood.wednet.edu

Lori Johnson (6-8 Assist) ljohnson@stanwood.wednet.edu

Wade Johnson (7/8 Science) wjohnson@stanwood.wednet.edu

Rebecca Klein (6/7 Science) rklein@stanwood.wednet.edu

Meghan Lawrence (6-8 PBS) mlawrence@stanwood.wednet.edu

Ellianna Martin (6-8 Math) emartin@stanwood.wednet.edu>,

Daniel Mccrumb (6 Math/Science & 7/8 Outdoor Ed) DMccrumb@stanwood.wednet.edu

Sarah Oldow (6 ELA/Social Studies) soldow@stanwood.wednet.edu

Catherine Perry (6-8 EL) cperry@stanwood.wednet.edu

Tracy Riley (6-8 ELA) TRiley@stanwood.wednet.edu

Kelcie Rocha (7/8 Math) krocha@stanwood.wednet.edu

Brad Rochon (7/8 Science) brochon@stanwood.wednet.edu

Connie Schmidt (6-8 Health) cschmidt@stanwood.wednet.edu

Sheri Schroeder (8 History & ELA) sleeschroeder@stanwood.wednet.edu

Kym Shoemaker (7/8 Math) kshoemaker@stanwood.wednet.edu

Crystal Titus (6-8 Fitness) ctitus@stanwood.wednet.edu

Kayte White (8 ELA & 6 Cultures) kwhite@stanwood.wednet.edu

Julia Zurcher (7 History & 7/8 Home Ec) jzurcher@stanwood.wednet.edu

Office Support

Jayde Piggot (6 Counselor) jpiggott@stanwood.wednet.edu

Keli Niegemann (7/8 Counselor) kniegemann@stanwood.wednet.edu

Emily Bowne (School Psychologist) ebowne@stanwood.wednet.edu

Kandyce Hansen (Speech Language Pathologist) khansen@stanwood.wednet.edu

Sara Harlan (Librarian) sharlan@stanwood.wednet.edu

The Stanwood-Camano School District does not discriminate in employment, programs, or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. Inquiries regarding compliance and/or grievance procedures may be directed to the District's Title IX/Affirmative Action Officer and Civil Rights Compliance Coordinator, Maurene Stanton (mstanton@stanwood.wednet.edu), or the Section 504/American Disabilities Act Coordinator, Robert Hascall (rhascall@stanwood.wednet.edu) Stanwood-Camano School District, 26920 Pioneer Hwy, Stanwood, WA 98292. Telephone: (360) 629-1200.