Space Rocks

Rocks in Space

Space Rocks

Have you ever wondered about Space Rocks? They're Comets, Astroids, and Meteors. The reason I'm studying them is because they're much cooler than studying Rovers, Moons, Dwarf Planets, and space related things. I'm trying to teach people about Space Rocks. Space Rocks are so cool.


"Comets are made up of ice, dust, and small rocky particles." "The coma is created when the comet gets closer to the sun." "A comet heart is solid chunk of something in the center of its soft fuzzy coma" I thought it would be a rock. Hally's comet is the best known comet it passes earth every 76 years. "Last time Hally's comet was seen in the inner solar system was in 1986, it will next be seen from earth in 2061." Comets are very cool so study them.


Astroids are like meteors but different. "The difference is there location." "Ceres is largest astroid we [scientists]know of, its length is 933km long." A lot of astroids exist in our solar system, there is over one million of them. "Astroids are found between Mars and Jupiter." Astroids are about the same age as the rest of the solar system" so they are pretty old.Astroids are very cool.


Meteors are so cool so here are some facts. Meteors can travel at 25,000 M.P.H, but they can go as fast as 160,000 M.P.H." That is really fast. "Meteors are easier to see in lower light conditions of the night." "A meteor is a small rock of particle debris in our solar system." Around 500 meteors reach earths surface every year that is a lot, but of the 500 only about 5 make it to scientists for study. Meteors are very cool."
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I hope you learned a lot about Space Rocks. So when you grow up become a scientist and study Space Rocks. A very good website to study Space Rocks is because that site is very good for looking up comets, astroids and meteors. I told you that they are so cool.


Debris - the remains of anything broken down or destroyed.
Spectacular Meteor Explosion Caught On Tape Video
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