Electric Motors And Genorators

By Ramiro


Electric Motors and generators are a key resorce in todays society. If it was not for the many people who dedicate their lives to electric motors and generators, we wouldn't have been able to look this up on our computers, or even be able to have electricity when on a camping trip. This is how they work.

Electric Motors

An electric motor converts electric energy into an actual movement or a physical movement. Electric motors make magnetic fields with an electric current running through a coil. The magnetic field and the magnet attract causing it to spin and run the motor. You can find fun, and easy activities on YouTube that you can actually do at home to further your understanding of electric motors.


Their are many different types of generators, but the ones you have probably seen a lot of are ; the gas, wind, and water powered generators. The gas powered generator is mainly used for hunting trips or for other personal needs. The wind and water powered generators are used to power cities and towns. Using induction, a generator can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Electric energy can be made by spinning a coil of wire in between two opposite magnets therefore producing an electric current.
How electric motors work