Science Times

By: Mr. Kottkey (Issue #31)

"Nothing changes if nothing changes"

4th Quarter!!



Last week we started a new unit on velocity and acceleration....WELCOME TO PHYSICS!! At this point everybody should be able to calculate the speed and acceleration of an object. They should be able to articulate the formulas for both speed/acceleration as well. This week, we are going to put those formulas into action as we go outside and take a look at some of Evergreen road's traffic and try to decide how fast cars are going.,,,from our safe vantage point of the sidewalk of course! Safety first in science!

AGAIN....If the kids use their class time wisely this week, there should not be much homework. I would appreciate it if parents would take a look through and discuss the last 6-7 pages (up through pg 91) of their INBs with their kids. Again, students can make up or redo anything in my class for a better score!

Reminder: the planner, text book pages, instructional videos, handouts, and copies of the notes can also be found on my website.


(Copies can be found on my website)

INB Page 86: Fossil Evidence chart

INB Page 87:C-notes"Adaptations/Natural selection

INB Page 88:Homology/Embryology handout

INB Page 89: Natural selection Article showbie 5 facts

INB Page 90-91 Natural selection/Adaptations one pager

INb page 92-93 Natural Selection "MIce"

INB page 94-95 Natural Selection "Birds"

INB Page 96 Bill Nye

INB page 97 Dee vs wolf

INB page 98 Vocabulary review

INB page 99 Velocity/Acceleration worksheets (2)

INB page 100 Velocity/Acceleration 1 pager

INB Page 101 Velocity/Acceleration c-notes


By this time in the year, I'll bet you already know many ways to study. The question is...ARE YOU STUDYING?

If you are, write down what you did to study, when you studied, and where you studied; have someone who can vouch for you sign it. If you bring this in and give it to Mr. Kottkey, you will be entered in for a drawing at the end of this week. You can enter up to five times!

Student of the Week:

Laura and Hailey are two of the hardest working and well-mannered students in class. Both Laura and Hailey continuously strive for excellence. The quality of their Interactive notebooks is above and beyond my already high classroom expectations. They work well independently but can also work with other students and are able to keep focused in all situations. They have also been choosing to complete the honors options in class which shows great initiative and work ethic. Always polite to others, they are not only exemplary students but their demeanor helps set a positive tone for others around them. Great work, future scientists!

Week at a Glance 5/2 - 5/6 (Subject to change and probably will...Check the website for changes)

  • Planner/warm-up/moby max
  • Level 1,2,3 questions
  • Speed trap lab.....INB pg. 102
  • Exit Ticket


  • Missing/make-up/corrections are always Homework!!


  • Planner/warm-ups/moby max
  • Velocity/acceleration 1 pager..... INB pg 100
  • Summary.....INB pg 101
  • Exit Ticket


  • Missing/make-up/corrections are always Homework!!


  • Planner/warm-up/moby max
  • Repetition.....INB pg 100
  • pop quiz motion/velocity/ acceleration
  • c-notes forc.....INB pg 103
  • force and inertia handout.....INB pg 102
  • Exit Ticket


  • Missing/make-up/corrections are always Homework!!


  • Planner/ warm-up/ moby max
  • Bill Nye force and inertia.....INB pg 104
  • start force 1 pager.....INB pg 105
  • Exit Ticket


  • Missing/make-up/corrections are always Homework!!


  • Planner/ warm-up/moby max
  • start c-notes Newtons first law of motion
  • Exit Ticket


  • Missing/make-up/corrections are always Homework!!

Quiz Your KID!!

  • Go through the INB and talk about the work they have completed up through INB pages 101. Have your child teach you the definitions and give examples:
  • Motion
  • Speed
  • Velocity
  • Acceleration
  • Big image
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