University Of Oklahoma

Home Of The Sooners

School Information

  • Norman, OK
  • $101,668 for 4 year enrollment
  • Enrollment is 30,786
  • student to faculty is 18:1


  • Norman, OK
Fun things to do:

  • RiverWind casino
  • Heyday entertainment
  • Lake thunderbird state park
  • Native spirits Winery

  • Weather
  • Summer weather ranges from 95 to 98 degrees.Oklahoma is very humid in the summer.
  • the winter weathers average high is 45 and the average low is 25 degrees.


  • Little river
  • Blue river
  • Lake Thunderbird

Paying for College

  • I can join the military so I can have free College.
  • Get a job and save money.
  • Ask my parents to pay for some.
  • I don't plan to apply for college yet till I Join the military.

Achieving Post High School goals

  • My goal for my next 2 years of high school is to have a three point five GPA, join some clubs, community work, and continue with my aspire mentor.
  • I will also take classes during high school to help me get college credit.

Oklahoma is known for its exceptionally good sports

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