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Oregon's history is an intriguing one. Before any settlers came, Oregon had many Native Americans. The Chinook,Tillamook, and the Yahooskin are just a few. In 1543 the Spanish explorers came and were the first to see the Oregon's coast. The English heard about the new land and European ships were sent to explore in 1778. A European explorer named James Cook led some of those ships. In 1804, Thomas Jefferson sent Meriweather Lewis and William Clark to explore the Pacific and record their findings about new land, plants, and animals along the way. Once they reached the Pacific Ocean, they built Fort Clatsop to mark the area. A couple years later, fur trading became popular. John McLoughlin, a successful fur trader, built many trading posts scattered though Oregon. Fur trading was especially popular in 1811. Along these years, the Oregon Trail was also in full swing. Pioneers were coming in rapidly. People left Missouri to come to Oregon. In 1860, the population was more than 50,000! During the 1860's, Oregon sold different products to California for the Gold Rush. Meanwhile, the Native Americans were trying to keep their land, but they were dying from European disease and violently being forced out, so they lost their land and were forced into reservations. Oregonians found work building dams during the Great Depression. They became famous for those dams. In 1941, Oregonians started building ships for World War 2. We could go on, but here we wrap up Oregon's history.
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Dam building-Oregon is famous for those dams!πŸ’§


Oregon is a Pacific Northwest state. It's bordered by California, Nevada, Idaho, and Washington. It's main mountain ranges are: the Coast range and the Cascade range. Oregon has beautiful landscapes like deep valleys and large hills in the East and flat land in the South and many rivers such as the Snake River and the Rouge River. It also has Crater Lake which is the deepest lake in U.S.A. At 1,932f ft. dense forests cover about half of the land, being a good home for Oregon's many animals. It's trees are mainly Douglas Fir, Spruce , and Hemlock trees. Tit's main tributary is the Willamette Valley, for many people live there. It's major cities are: Portland, Eugene, and Salem. This is Oregon's Geography. Thank you for listening!
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River scenery -BEAUTIFUL!πŸŒ…

Fun Facts

In 1859, Oregon became the 33rd state in the U.S.A. Oregon is famous for their mining of stone. Oregon also has a highest temperature of 119 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of -54 degrees Fahrenheit. Oregon's population is 23,081,000! Oregon's size is 97,000 sq. mi. Oregon had the first Appaloose horses! You may think this is strange,but Oregon is the leading maker of computer parts. It's nickname is the Beaver State, because it's state animal, the beaver, is everywhere. The state flower is a sweet-smelling yellow flower called the Oregon Grape. It's state bird is called the Western Meadowlark. The motto is "She flies with her own wings." We believe that this means she can take care of herself. This state has a state nut! It's the hazelnut. Geodes are popular there, because that's the state nut. These are a few of the fun facts of Oregon.
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Douglas Fir-the state tree🌲


Oregon has lots of fun stuff! It has lots of hiking,camping,and skiing,and fishing and canoeing in it's many rivers. It's got lots of mountain scenery that the public is open to. If you like outdoor activities, you can visit Crater Lake National Park or Mount Mazama Volcano. Both are open to public use. You can also visit the Sea Lion Cave, where you can see live sea lions and learn about how they live in Oregon. There's also the John Day fossil beds,where you can dig up fossils.If you like hiking ,you can visit the National Historic Oregon trail center. There, you can hike all day and learn about the historic route that pioneers took to Oregon. One of the many indoor activities is the Portland Oregon Museum of Science. The other museums are the Oregon History Center and the Salem Capitol Museum for rocks and historic objects. But above all of these, the best activity is watching the Portland Trail Blazer's play basketball!
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Trail Blazers!πŸ€