Where Did You Hear That?

Is The Information You Gather Online Accurate?

Have you ever wondered if what you read online was true?

If you question it, as you should, try these tricks;

1. The Triangle

If the information is true you should be able to find the same information on another site, actually you should CHECK 3 SITES to see if the information is the same. But dont just stop there, check your library, infortrac and even more.

2. The 5 W's

I'm sure you've heard of these in your ELA class but why not try using that knowledge for the greater good.

Who is the source of the information?

Has someone taken responsibility for the site? Is the author someone you recognize or can find more information on?

What are you getting?

Does the site seem well organized? Is emotion used to persuade the reader? Does the site offer more than one viewpoint?

When was the site created?

Is the information current?

Where are you?

Are you in a .com .org .net .gov or .edu site? Are you on a site that is open for everyone to contribute?

Why are you there?

Can you get the information anywhere else?

How can you tell what's what?

Double Check! If it looks SKETCHY it problably is!

Now use your new power well and remeber, With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!