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May 6, 2016

Mrs. Price's Fourth Grade Class

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May 10- Fermilab Field trip 8:45-2:15 - Bring a sack lunch

May 20 - Battle of the Books

May 30 - No school - Memorial Day

News You Can Use

Thank you for making this week so wonderful for teacher appreciation.

On Tuesday, the class will be going to Fermilab for our field trip. Make sure to pack a completely disposable lunch and every student needs to have closed toe shoes on.

Literacy by Kyan

Monday : We were assigned a Kidblog post to make on what books or movies the main character of our B.O.B (Battle Of The Books) Character would like to watch or read. I did Nathaniel Peale from Worth By A.Lafaye

Tuesday: We were assigned another Kidblog assignment where we had to comment on 3 friends B.O.B post. I commented on Danny's , Jared's , and someone else's. We also went to library that day.

Wednesday: We did more stuff with Kidblog posts. We also started a Mother's Day Project which I WILL NOT SPOIL!!!!!!!!! We also wrote some sentences in cursive on our W.O.W sheet.

Thursday: We wrote some more W.O.W sentences in cursive again for fun!!!!

Friday : We did alot of things with our W.O.W sentences.

That sums up the week!

Mrs. Hassels's Math Class

Monday: Today we talked about %s and rounding %s.

Tuesday: Today we did not have math because of MAP testing.

Wednesday: Today we learned how to multiply decimals.

Thursday: Today we learned how to divide decimals.

Friday: Today we did a review of dividing and multiplying decimals.

Math by Liam

on Monday people came to watch us do our usual things.1.Meet with Mrs.Price 2.Toss and talk(a game)3.Guided practice.

On Tuesday we did not have math it was MAP testing.

On Wednesday we did our usual.

On Thursday we did math and science.

On Friday we did the guided practice whole group.

Social Studies by Rachel

This week we have been doing flashcards. The flashcards have Vocab. words on them. Example - Savings. We put the definition on the line side and the word and the word magnets on the blank side. Word magnets are words that stick on the word like "holding onto" because holing onto is the same things as Savings.

Science by Varshan

On Monday,we watched a video about solar cookers in Africa and how they work.On Tuesday,we talked about the solar cookers video and how they work from the video we watched on Monday.On Wednesday,we watched a video about fossil fuels and how they might run out in the future.On Thursday,we didn't have science.On Friday,we watched a Bill Nye The Science Guy.The video was about waves.That is what we did in Science this week.