Inside the mindsets

by:Evan, Laura, and Mitchell

Mindset changes the meaning of effort

Temperament certainly plays a role, but mindset is the most important part.

High and low effort: the big risk

The idea of trying and still failing-of leaving yourself without excuses-is the worst fear within the fixed mindset.

Effort is terrifying for two reasons.

  • one reason is that in the fixed mindset, great geniuses are not supposed to need it.
  • the second is that it robs you of all your excuses.

In the growth mindset, it's almost inconceivable to want something badly, to think you have a chance to achieve it, and then do nothing about it.

Grow your mindset

When people believe their basic qualities can be developed, failures may still be hurt, but failures don't define them. And if the abilities can be expanded-if change and growth are possible-then there are still many paths to success.

Questions and Answers


If people believe their qualities are fixed, and they have shown themselves to be smart or talented, why do they have to keep proving it? After all, when the prince proved his bravery, he and the princess lived happily ever after. He didn't have to go out and slay a dragon every day. Why don't people with the fixed mindset prove themselves and then live happily ever after?

  • They have to prove themselves over and over again, because everyday, new challenges come along, bigger and harder challenges.

Are mindsets a permanent part of your makeup or can you change them?

  • Mindsets are an important part of your personality, but you can change them.

Can I be half-and-half? I recognize both mindsets in myself.

  • Many people have elements of both.
  • People can also have different mindsets in different areas.

Can everything about people be changed, and should people try to change everything they can?

  • The growth mindset is the belief that abilities can be cultivated.
  • It doesn't mean everything, like preferences or values, can be changed.
  • The growth mindset also doesn't mean everything that can be changed, should be changed.
  • The fixed mindset stands in the way of development and change.
  • The growth mindset is the starting point for change.