By: Ashleigh Baker

What is pages????

Pages is where you can make a document, make a brochure, and to make a poster. You can also format data, to do opacity, and to rotate your text. And will learn all about those stuff.

What are Brochures???

Brochures are are advertising different pieces of music, books, and books. The most used brochure is the bi-fold and a trifold. A bi-fold is a brochure with four panels unlike a trifold with six panels instead of four.

What are Posters???

Posters are pieces of paper designed for you to decorate them how ever you want them to be. They normally include text and graphics. And posters have been around for a very, very long time.

How to Format on Pages????

You format pages first you can click on Inspector which can really help you with the table, your document, your layout, your wrap, your text, your graphics, your metrics, your chart, your link, and your Quicktime.

What is Opacity???

Opacity is the different shapes that you can make and you can just click on them and they show up right away. There are different shapes like: lines, arrows, squares, circles, triangles, diamonds, bubbles, stars, and you can draw them yourself.

How do you rotate your text???

To rotate your text you have to hold onto the text then you can rotate the text whatever way you want it to go. And you can change the color to what every color you want.

Here is a video about how to use pages!!!

PHP Tutorials: Dynamic Pages (Part 1/3)