Camp Invention 2016

Geisler Middle School, Walled Lake Schools

Thank-You So Much!

Thank-you so much for giving your child an opportunity to explore the world of inventing through Camp Invention. This truly is a wonderful camp to spark creativity and an interest in science. I spoke with many of you during pick-up and drop-off times, but I would like to capture your main thoughts in a spreadsheet. Please take a moment to write 1-2 sentences about your child's experience at Camp Invention this week. The form is embedded below.

Like I mentioned, there are several ways you can keep your child involved with creative problem solving. Programs like Destination Imagination, FIRST Lego and Robotics, and Kidpreneur can be wonderful extensions to Camp Invention. A few simple bins to keep recycled goods can be a great thing to have in your house too! Some of the kids said they loved Camp Invention because they could build with cool things they don't have at home, but truthfully, all of the materials that were in the Cool Stuff Room are household junk supplies, as well as things like nuts and bolts, yarn, foam stickers, straws, and more! A Rubbermaid storage tower filled with things could be a great holiday gift!

Jimmy Fallon often asks kids to showcase their inventions for Fallonventions. If your child designed something super cool this week, it could be a good idea to keep it around. In addition, the Imagination Foundation ran an Inventor's Challenge this winter that included prizes. There are ways for your child to showcase current and future inventions all over...just keep your eye out for it!

I will try to add photos to this newsletter next week. For now, the video I created and intended to show today is below the form. Enjoy!

Walled Lake Camp Invention 2016

EPIC Park Pitches

Here are the videos from each group that will showcase their EPIC Adventure Park! Enjoy!!
Walled Lake Camp Invention Tesla Group
Walled Lake Camp Invention Edison Group
Walled Lake Camp Invention Knight Group EPIC Park Pitches
Walled Lake Camp Invention EPIC Park Curie Group
Wright Group EPIC Park Pitches!

Inventors' Showcase

We will be meeting in the cafeteria at 2:30 for the Inventors' Showcase. We will begin with presentation, video, and then we will disperse and send inventors to their showcase spots. Feel free to roam around to the other inventors and ask questions. After about 20 minutes, you can take your child's inventions and go home. Please make sure you have all of their lunch materials, belongings, and inventions before leaving. Remember, it would be a great idea to bring a laundry basket or a garbage bag to put inventions in!

Also, we have had a wonderful staff of instructors (Professors), Leadership Interns, and Counselors in Training. It would be great if you could take the time to thank them too! I know they have had a wonderful time working with your child this week. I have heard many great complements about our awesome campers from them. They have been very impressed with their ideas and how well they worked as teams!

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Wacky Day at Camp Invention

Thank-you for your patience today at check-out. Luckily it was not the full fire alarm that was pulled, as there was an alarm to the box.

One more day left!!!! The wacky inventors were busy today building upon their inventions and learning more! The kids had a blast with the homemade slime! Some of the kids are creating some really cool jewelry in the Maker Studio using the guts from their electronics. They also completed some neat inventor challenges! I have heard a lot of great things from parents. I believe that there will be a survey from Camp Invention sent to you. Your child will be able to write an inventor's statement tomorrow during Base Camp reflecting on their week at Camp Invention. If you could click on the below link and write a sentence or two to reflect on your child's Camp Invention experience that would be awesome!

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These campers kept the wacky Camp Invention spirit going at home!

Day 4 Video

Here is a video of Day 4. The transitions are quick, but I do plan on sharing my Google folder with all of you. Feel free to download the photos of your child. In addition, each camper will get at least 1 photo with them in it from the week.
Wacky Day at Walled Lake Camp Invention

It Was a Wet Wednesday!!!

The kids had so much fun with the water today...including the CIT's and the Leadership Interns. They played squirt tag, water balloon toss, Sponge Over and Under, and other games. The interns had squirt rockets to shoot too! A special shout out to Professor Kelly and her mom for filling 500 water balloons! WOW! Tomorrow is Wacky Day! Let's see how wacky the campers can get!!
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CrickoBot Day 3

CrickoBot: Today the kids learned about the predators and prey and began to build spiderbots. They are building the spiderbots using vibrating motors, batteries, and more!
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Maker Studio

Wow! The kids are into the guts of their take-aparts!! Today the students were able to take pieces of their machines and explore them with a battery to get them to make noises or move. It was soooo cool to see them discover and imagine what they could turn the pieces into.
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Teams are working together to add details to their EPIC Park. I got some great video footage from a live Periscope today. The kids did a great job of describing their park features! Here is a link:

I will Periscope tomorrow tomorrow too at 12:00 PM. You can find the live feed from my twitter account @TeamBond. Or if you have the Perisope app you can follow @TeamBond.

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The Lab

Professor Tiffany did a great job of setting up some great centers, with one of the highlights being a squid creation center with clay!
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Tuesday Tidbits

It was great seeing all of the fun hats gracing the heads of the campers today! From Brain Drain strainers to custom crowns, it was a great showcase of creativity! Tomorrow is beach day. I'm dressing tropical style, and I have a pretty special pair of socks I will be wearing!

We Are in Need of Materials for the Cool Stuff Room!!!

If you have things lying around your house that could inspire our inventors...send them in! Thank-you for all of the EPIC things you have already brought in! I heard there were car fulls on Monday morning! The inventors in Walled Lake are sooo spectacular they have used many of the things!

  • Tubes
  • Plastic Containers
  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Styrofoam
  • Lids
  • Craft Supplies and More!

Reminder: Friday's Showcase Begins at 2:30.

We will start as a large group in the cafeteria at 2:30. I will show a slideshow of photos from the week, as well as show the commercials for the EPIC Park Module they will be working on with Professor Stefan. Then students will have an opportunity to go to their inventor spot, and all family members can tour the inventions in the hallway, ask the inventors about their creations. After the showcase, your child can bring their creations home. The exceptions will be the group creations, which may or may not be coming home with your child, depending on how the group decides or how the professor decides.

It would be a GREAT idea to bring a large trash bag with you or laundry baskets to help transport the creations home. :)

Maker Studio

Today the campers were able to get more and more into their take-apart. Many of the students have made great progress with the help of Professor Kellie and her hammer! The campers also had a special guest from Ford. Ford volunteers will be helping out all week at Camp Invention! It's a wonderful partnership, as they also provided scholarship money to our campers!
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The EPIC Park Adventure Courses are soooo awesome! Professor Stefan has continued to be impressed with the super thinkers at Camp Invention Walled Lake! I can't wait to see the final products! I have a friend that owns a zip line company in VT, and I think I will be sending her some pics of these awesome ideas!

The Lab: When Pigs Fly

Today was all about the science behind coding with Professor Tiffany! The kids made binary code jewelry, created secret codes, and played coding games. The kids made necklaces or bracelets to represent their initials or another word. If you would like to see your name in binary code, check out the binary translater.
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Today in Crickobot, Professor Jodi taught the students about the importance of making the cricket's habitat just like backyards. The campers were able to use the things from the Inventor's Supply room (Cool Stuff Room) to bring their habitat to life. In addition, they were able to add accessories to their Crickobot, with the choice of stickers, gems, and the cutest top hat ever!


Professor Kelly had the kids using their creativity by designing a goal for soccer, using the materials from the Cool Stuff room and playing games. The Tesla group repurposed their goals to form a net for volleyball! It's awesome to see how flexible kids can be when they have the materials, the time, and creativity!
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Lost and Found Items Are On the Stage!

Monday Memo's

-Check-In and Check-Out will be in the Cafeteria each day. Leadership Interns and CIT's will be at the tables from 8:45-9:10 to welcome your child in!

-Snacks will be eaten during the 2nd module. Make sure your child has a snack to eat.

-We are still collecting materials for the Inventor's Supply (Cool Stuff) Room. If you know of an industrial company with cool, safe scraps, that would be awesome. Electricians also have awesome spools. Typically we start running low beginning on Thursday. It will be important to keep the inventory strong, as that is what inspires the inventions!

-Friday's showcase begins at 2:30! It will end at 3:30, so please make sure you note this change in time!

Awesome Beginnings in the Epic Park

Wow! The kids had the challenge of getting their tree to stand study, as it prepares for treehouses, zip lines, and pure fun! Children are working in groups to create an adventure park! So far they are making wonderful progress! Even Professor Stefan was impressed!
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The Maker Studio

Campers are having fun getting into the guts of the small take-aparts they brought in. They get to use tools like wire cutters, screwdrivers, and more...with safety glasses too! Eventually they will be used to spark inventive fun!!

Overheard, "I never knew I could have so much fun with a Ferby!"

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The Lab: When Pigs Fly

Take a look at some of the photos below! The kids had a great time learning about movement and demolition!

This team went about it a bit differently...loving out of the box thinking!

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Students were able to assemble their crickobot and start designing a habitat for it! The crickobot is powered by solar energy, so they were able to explore how it moved with flashlights and the sun!

Fun Time at Games!!!

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Connection Questions

Here are a few questions to generate conversations about today!

1. What did you discover today that you didn’t know before?

2. What was a challenge you faced today? How did you overcome it?

3. Which activity did you enjoy the most today?

Tomorrow is Hat Day! Wear your favorite hat, add things to a common hat, or design and build a new hat!

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The 2016 Camp Invention program - Epic

Remember to Bring a Lunch and a Snack!

Are You Ready for an EPIC Week???

We are looking forward to having a wonderful time at Camp Invention 2016, which begins a week from now! I am eager to begin my 2nd year as the camp director. I am a 5th grade teacher at Glengary Elementary, and I have passion for all things creative and Camp Invention is right up my alley! This digital newsletter will be our main form of communication, as I will be adding things each day to it! To help prepare better for Monday morning, there are a few reminders I would like to share.

Camp Invention will be at James Geisler Middle School, which is off of Pontiac Trail in Walled Lake. On the first day, we will have you enter the front of the building, as we will have our main registration tables in the lobby, as well as a drop off area for the Take-Apart Item and the Upcycled Materials. Once your child is registered and we have the proper paperwork, you will walk your child down the hall to the cafeteria to meet their Leadership Intern.

Take-Apart and Upcycled Materials: Each child needs at least 1 small electronic to take apart. The success of the camp really relies on the materials in our Cool Stuff Room, so please bring as much as you can. We will collect it all week long, so you are even able to ask neighbors for their recycling bin materials, old craft items, etc.

Snack, Lunch, and Recess: We will not be eating lunch until 12:30 each day, so the children will have the opportunity to eat a snack during the second module. Please make sure to communicate with your child on what would be good for them to eat for snack. Perhaps you can put the snack in a separate bag. The campers will have a recess time after lunch, complete with inventor themed games. Please make sure your child has shoes on that would be appropriate for running.

Groups: For the most part, your child will be grouped by grade level. There will be about 20 or so children per grade group, and they will be divided into smaller groups with a leadership intern or Counselor-in-Training overseeing them. If you have a special request for grouping and you have not contacted me yet, please do so by Thursday, July 21 at 5:00, as I will be making the groups that evening.

Pick-Up: You will need to sign your child out in the cafeteria each day. The Leadership Interns will have a clipboard at their table with a sign in/out grid that you need to initial each day. We will be collecting your child's inventions throughout the week to be used in the Inventors' Showcase. Do not take your child's inventions home until the last day. The Inventors' Showcase will be 2:30-3:30 on Friday. Family members are expected to attend this.

Phone Numbers: The direct line to Geisler MS Office is 248-956-2900. I have digital voicemail, so if you would like to call and leave a message directly for me, my phone number is 248-956-3154. The message will show up as an email to me.

Volunteers: Organizing the Cool Stuff Room is a constant job throughout the week. If you have a bit of time to donate, we would love to have you!

Themed Days for Camp

To make things a bit more interesting, we are going to have themed days!

Tuesday: Hat Day: Your child can create or decorate his/her own hat or wear his/her favorite hat!

Wednesday: Beach Day and Water Wednesday! Your child can wear his/her bathing suit or clothes that can get wet, as each module will include a water activity. Please also have your child bring a towel. It probably would be a great idea to also have a set of extra clothes!

Thursday: Wacky Day: Your child can have fun with their creative expression and show how wacky they can dress! From crazy hair to mismatched socks, wacky can be showcased in so many ways! (Just make sure their wackiness will not interfere with their invention creation!)

Friday: Camp Invention T-Shirt Day! We are going to take a camp photo. Please make sure your child has his/her camp shirt on. (Camp shirts will be given out on Monday.)

(Above photo taken by Judy Bowling in her makerspace.)

Maker Faire Detroit

If you are looking for the ultimate celebration post-Camp Invention, head to The Henry Ford on July 30 and July 31 for Maker Faire Detroit! Some of the most amazing inventions, creative applications, and awesome people will be celebrating the maker movement and innovative fun the entire weekend! There is even a Groupon for it!