The Earth's Nostrils

Asking qUestions

What in the world...?!

Good readers ask questions before they begin reading. Create a Questions/Answers/My Thinking chart in your journal. Watch the video below. Jot down questions that come to your mind as you watch in your journal under the Questions section of your chart. These questions will guide your reading and your learning later on!

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. -Albert Einstein

Digging DEEP for Questions

With your neighbor, talk about the questions you wrote down. Decide, as a pair, what your top three most intriguing, most important, most lingering, deepest questions are. Record these top three questions in each of your journals.


Compiling Our Questions

You try!

Click the link below to add your top three questions to Padlet.

Patterns in our Questions

With your neighbor, begin reading through the questions, looking for patterns in the questions. Are there any questions that could be grouped together? Are any questions repeated? Talk about how we might edit and revise this board so that it is neat and so that like questions are grouped together.
Now, we'll come together as a group to sort our questions and talk about our WHY's.

The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge. -Thomas Berger