Loving LCA 2nd Grade

September 7-11

This Weeks Memory Verse

Genesis 1:5

God called the light, Day and the darkness He called Night.

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Next Test will be on Monday September 14th

List 2:

she; with; that; one; go; shy; to; thin; be; clothes; so ; wish; two; path; try; we; fresh; cloth; then; shape

Important events this week:

Monday: Labor day/ No School


Wednesday: Math Facts Assessment: adding 1, 0 and doubles

Thursday: Early dismissal at 12; parent teacher conferences begin at 1pm

Friday: Phonics Test 3

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September Birthdays

Happy Birthday to :

Maritu Wilgers

Savannah Michael

Jackson Perdue

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From the desks of Mrs. West and Mrs. LeJeune:


  • Each second grade class has a designated Library time (Mrs. West is on Friday/Mrs. Lejeune is on Thursday)
  • Students are allowed to go to the library from 8 to 8:15am and from 1:30 to 2:00pm Monday through Friday providing they are finished with their seatwork. Otherwise they will visit the Library on their designated day.
  • Students are asked to test on 2 books per week.

A few reminders:

*If you have box tops, please send them to your student's classroom teacher

* Please check your student's Warrior Binder nightly.

* Homework: students will have a math homework page, math facts, and will have spelling homework and reading homework.

If your student is bringing home anything else, please know that it is unfinished classwork which means they are not using their time wisely.

We would like for you to help us stress the importance of completing their work in class. We do not want to have to send home any more work than we have to.

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We are working on our first field trip and will notify you as soon as we receive confirmation from the facility.