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This week will be the end to our Unit. Next week we will begin our unit of building an understanding of multiplication. Students will be taught how use "groups of", repeated addition, arrays, and number lines to solve multiplication facts.

Multiplication letters will be sent home Thursday explaining to students the importance of starting to memorize their multiplication facts. Some students may already know them, but continuing to practice will ensure that they stay fresh on their mind. Unfortunately we are not provided with sufficient class time for students to do this at school, so any support at home will be greatly beneficial for them.

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Below I have added some images with explanations of games that can be created out of simple items to help students with their facts. The dollar store last time I checked, had some basic multiplication flashcards that will get the job done. Mardels also has the triangular flashcards that show both factors and product, which is nice for students to see because division will come next. Pinterest also has sooo many ideas, so just try some out and see what best works with your student. Every week I will be sending home practice sheets from their math textbook that can serve as practice for the set of facts that will be tested on that particular week.


Helpful websites to practice facts -


This week we began a very short 5 day unit of weather. Students watched a weather forecast for Wylie and New York. We will work at comparing weather, identifying different weather tools, and understanding weather forecasts. This unit will not have a vocabulary quiz or unit assessment.

Next week we will wrap up the short unit and start our force, energy and motion unit.


Students took home their field trip forms yesterday for our winter field trip. Please submit payment as soon as possible to ensure we don't have any problems with seats that have been reserved. Thank You!


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If you would still like to donate $3 to our fall party for next Friday, it would be greatly appreciated!


10/26/2015 - Food Drive begins

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