Stratford Chefs School Update

February 23 - 28 | 2016

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Canadian Guest Chef dinners continue and we anticipate our 26th annual Gala Dinner & Action, happening next Sunday February 28th.

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Tuesday February 23

Canadian Guest Chef, Sylvain Assié & Matt Duffy, Café Boulud

Scallop Ceviche

Blood Orange, Radish, Candied Kumquat, Dill, Celery

Celery Root Agnolotti

Chestnut, Celery, Mimolette, Black truffle, Brown Butter Sauce

Northern Pike Quenelle

Cognac Lobster Bisque, King Oyster Mushrooms

Grain Crusted Ontario Venision

Squash Puree, Roasted butternut Squash, Sunchoke, Kale, Red fife Spätzle, Cranberry

Aigre-Doux, Cocoa jus

Baked Alaska

Warm Madeleines

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Wednesday February 24

Candadian Guest Chef, Arron Carley, The Bruce Hotel

Life or Death

King Oyster Mushrooms seared and slow cooked in koji and wild ginger broth, cress & flowers atop, garnished with puffed wild rice

Spuds Under Snow

Slow cooked spuds, cowder, ramp powder, pickled ramps, peanut & onion soil, blue haze pudding, hop snow, herb jus

Trout & Rye

Rye cured and applewood smoked local trout, beets in green juniper, sea buckthorn fluid gel, dulse rye berries, beach sand

Circa 1450

Bison, reindeer moss, charcoal carrots, celeriac, fermented Saskatoon berries, sassafras jus

Birch Butter Tart

Cedar jelly, ver jus ice cream, black peanut crumble, frozen birch peddles

Thursday February 25

Canadian Guest Chef, Bryan Steele, The Prune Restaurant

Chicken Rice

Charred Squid & Pickled Daikon Salad, Fermented Back Bean

Singaporean Chili Stingray

Coconut Tapioca, Cilantro, Passion Fruit

Canadian Guest Chef Dinners are held at our venue parter

The Prune Restaurant | 151 Albert St, Stratford, ON.

The cost per person is $65+ HST.

Wine pairings are included. Additional bottles can be purchased a $5 corkage fee will apply.

Reservations are required. Please call 519-271-1414 or email to book now!

Visit our website for more information anytime for more details and updates.

Friday February 26

Gala Preview Dinner, Chef Ryan O'Donnell

Sourdough Bread and vegetable butters

Rutabaga, turnip, leek and spruce

Beets, butternut, trout and mustards

Parsley, parsnip, radish and venison

J choke, beets, speculaas and blackcurrant

Dinner will be held at our venue parter The Prune Restaurant | 151 Albert St, Stratford, ON.

The cost per person is $85+ HST.

Wine pairings are included.

Saturday February 27

No dinner this evening as students and instructors will be preparing for the 26th Annual Gala Dinner & Auction.

Sunday February 28

Gala Dinner & Action in Toronto at George Restaurant

Curious about gala? Want to learn more? Read all about it here.


Last week was a whole lot of fun with our Canadian Guest Chefs.

Thank you Chefs for taking the time out of your busy restaurants to share your skills with us.


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