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Spotlight On Strategies - Building Capacity

Spotlight Strategy for week of January 18, 2016

As instructors we are always looking for practical knowledge and tools to create positive and lifelong learning. Time is of the essence in so many ways, I thought this would be a quick and easy way for you to browse and try some new strategies as we continue to develop our learner centered classrooms

Circle of Viewpoints

When you are seated in a circle, around a table, or in a theater, it is easy to grasp the idea that those sitting somewhere else in that circle will literally have a different view of the goings on. Use this strategy as a physical model to help students with the process of identifying different perspectives and viewpoints on an issue, event, or topic that they might then explore further.

Identify the different perspectives that could be present in or affected by what you have just read, seen, or heard. Record these in a circle with the issue or event at the center. Choose one of these perspectives to explore further, using the following prompts as a starting place:

1. I am thinking of (name the event/issue) from the point of view of.....

2. I think (describe the topic from your viewpoint. Be an actor ---- take on the character of your viewpoint). Because.....(explain your reasoning).

3. A question/concern I have from this viewpoint is.......


This strategy focuses on perspective taking. It is all too easy to fall into the pattern of viewing things from one's own perspective and sometimes even being oblivious to alternate viewpoints. This strategy helps learners to identify and consider these different and diverse perspectives involved in and around a topic, event, or issues. It creates greater awareness of how others may be thinking, feeling, and reinforces that people can and do think differently about the same things. The ultimate goal of the strategy is to gain a broader and more complete understanding of the topic, even, or issue.

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