Cesar Chavez

By Michelle Martinez Hernandez

Early life and Backround

Cesar Chavez was born in Arizona, March 31st, 1927.

His parents were immigrants who moved to California, they worked in fields which is where Cesar encountered insufficient pay, awful treatment, and the horrible conditions of the work place. Cesar started to work as a migrant worker, because he didn't want his mom to work in the fields and so therefore he couldn't go to high school. At the time school didn't seem important, he was often bullied and mistreated for not speaking English and was hit with a ruler if he spoke Spanish.

Culture Heritage

Both of Cesar Chavez's parents were born in Mexico, and both moved to Arizona at a very young age. The family often moved from place to place because the to keep looking for jobs but depite all of their hard work they still made very little money.

Contribution to our society

Cesar devoted his life to improve the treatment of farm workers, since he himself suffered this scrutiny he thought it unjust and also thought that something should be done about it.