Gender and Society

An opinion about our society and how should it be

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Sexism isn't a joke.

Sexism isn't funny.

Sexism can affect someone, it can make a difference.

Having an education is such a good think, and deny somebody about having such a good thing won't grant you something good.

Even when it is a parody, sexism isn't funny. We should make everything equal for everybody.

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In some case, we act without a reason. I mean: we do something without knowing why we do this "something".

For example: Imagine you are on a costume shop. There you met a kid who wants to wear a princess costume. "What would you do?"

In my opinion, I would be, firstly, shocked. I don't know why, but I think that I would be shocked. After think about how I do not care about what wears (as long as it isn't offensive or make me feel angry) or acts somebody, I'd try to help the child. If wearing a princess disguise/costume make you feel happy, why can't you wear it?

If you can't feel happy because of "being traditional", we need to change our way of thinking.

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When we talk about education, we talk about how this student will act in a future. The most common students on attitude and behaviour are the children.

If we teach or let children think men or women are better than the other gender, things like happened on MasterChef will be more usual.

If you don't know, on the spanish MasterChef edition, one boy made a sexist comment about who should clean the kitchen.

Well, we should correct this attitude. It doesn't matter why this boy made a comment right now. We should try to reduce the number of sexist acts and then, when we have reduced the number of sexist acts we should get advise about why people is sexist and try to deny this reasons.

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When we get advised about a trouble, we should make it accessible. We can share it by social networks (such as Twitter, Facebook, even Tumblr!) and make a petition on

For example, we should get advised about EULA's changes. Lot's of companies don't explain why and what they change. How could us do it? We can make a petition on If we reach an important number of signatures, our petition will be considered as important and we will be heard.

There are more ways than this one to make a change!

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This photos explain the main thoughts of someone or a group. Both discriminate one gender and recognice something good of the other one, even when isn't ALWAYS true.
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Nowadays we are loosing some perks of gender roles. It doesn't mean we will loose forever, it means we are able to do whatever we want without taking care about an out-of-style tradition.
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Both genders are able to do all tasks. I mean, both genders are able to do certain things as humans, but there is no difference between a man or a woman on jobs.
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