Day THREE! xo

Day Three Is Hosted by ME!

I just can't get enough chances to spoil you! Why?? Because you spoil ME! This team brings me more joy and love than ANY job I could have ever imagined. And that's why TODAY's challenge is so special! It's all about creating your own tribe. It's about not only creating a future for YOU - it's about creating a future for someone else.

Aren't you so glad you stumbled on Stella & Dot?
Aren't you so glad someone invited YOU to be a stylist?

There's a silly saying, "People don't know what they don't know..." but it's TRUE! So let's get out there and SHARE THE LOVE! I know this is where so many of us get VERY NERVOUS! WE worry so much what others will think of us inviting them to learn more about Stella & Dot.

If you stop and think about that fear - it's REALLY CRAAAAAAZY TOWN! Seriously, why would anyone think poorly of you for sharing an incredible opportunity with them? In fact, they'll actually think just the opposite! They might think something like this...

"Hmmmm. It is something I've thought about."
"I actually would be really great at that."
"I'd love to have something like this in my life."
"Thank you for thinking of me."

NO ONE will think "What a crazy chick. She's a real piece of work for asking me. Defriend."

And if anyone does...Lord knows you don't need anyone like that in your energy circle!

Unleash Your POSITIVE MOJO & Let's Share the LOVE!

Tomorrow morning, The Today Show, is doing a VERY NICE segment on Stella & Dot! Who are a few friends or customers you think might like to tune in and learn more??

Send this to FIVE and you are entered to WIN this FAB KeyFob.

"Hi Jane, I've got some fun news and I thought of you. Stella & Dot is being featured on the Today Show tomorrow morning. I thought you'd enjoy tuning in. There are some fabulous sneak peeks of upcoming collections, behind the scenes and more! It starts right around 8:00 am CST...set your DVR or grab a cup of coffee!

xoxo - Tara

PS. I think you'd love being part of our brand! I've always thought would make a really great stylist. I love this company and opportunity - I think you would too! If you can't tune into tomorrow let me know - I will send you a link to view it after it airs. xo"

It's just THAT EASY!

Don't over think it. Just do it. Send to FIVE at least. I promise you'll NEVER regret it!

Once you've sent it to FIVE. Find the "official" post on the FB thread and reply. One entry for Every FIVE!.


Tara Renze

Executive Director & Founding Leader
....and YOUR biggest FAN.