Join Us For The Hour Of Code!

The Hour Of Code Is For Every Central York Learner

Hour Of Code, Are You In?

It’s time for Hour of Code again! During Computer Science Education Week, December 8-14, 2014, we hope that all staff members will consider including coding as part of your flex time activities. If you would like to sign up to host an hour of code, click this link. There are prizes for educators who host events; video chats with special guests for 100 classrooms, and one lucky classroom will be selected to Washington DC for a special event. Even if you don’t sign up, you can still provide activities related to coding for your students. This year, Hour of Code should be the largest learning event in history.

iTeam Plans For Event

Our iTeam students are planning for another engaging event this year. We hope that many of you will choose to host activities. If you would like to partner with one of our students, please let me know. The students are also finding activities that might interest you and your students. The tutorials from last year are still available. In addition, many new activities will be available, or we can create our own activities. Check out Made With Code for additional information and activities.

2014-15 iTeam Members:

  • Jarrod Allman
  • Jordan Bowman (VP)
  • Noah Gerberick
  • Max Gotwals
  • Ben Graybill (Service Liaison)
  • Justin Hartman (Minecraft Edu Mgr)
  • Allen Kendrick (Webmaster)
  • Caleb Linburg (app development)
  • Elaine Lopez
  • Carson McCaffrey (Pres)
  • Sean McCarthy (3D Printing coordinator)
  • Alyssa McDevitt (Secretary, Hr of Cd co-chair)
  • Ty Morgan
  • Jacob Musone
  • Yoseph Najem (Hr of Cd co-chair)
  • Alex Santarelli (app development)

Questions? Contact Debbie Bieber at

Computer Programming At Central & In Pennsylvania

Central students are very fortunate compared to most Pennsylvania students since we are one of only 191 schools in PA that offer computer science classes. Unfortunately these classes still only count as electives, not math or science. In addition, PA does not have certification for computer science teachers. Right now PA has 19,866 open computer science jobs and only 3,790 computer science graduates. If you would like to be an advocate for computer science education, please use these resources.